Ex-President DANIEL arap MOI resurfaces and says this about the August polls and UHURU loves it

..ethnisizing the country with ethnicised political rhetoric saying it would plunge the country into chaos and violence.

“Politics should not be done on ethnic grounds.”

“Every person has the right to vote for their chosen candidate despite their tribe,” Moi said.

He also called on the youths to avoid being used by politicians who are only concerned about their political gain.


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  1. Enter your comment...Bwana Moi it's not based on political gain but it's all about STEALING OUR RIGHTS (votes)! paining!!!! chaos is not just being used by politicians but it's fighting back our rights,even Kenya got independent by war,know that!!

  2. Mzee Moi you are so correct. Raila keeps threatening us any time we are going for elections that if he does not win, the country will bleed. So ,that is like forcing us to vote for him because of fear to avoid bloodshed. The world should protect us from this power hungry dictator. Trump, Mekel, Putin, Britain, germany, Sweeden, Netherlands, Denmark and others should help us from this blood thirsty man. We cry. He will cause chaos also and say it is others and the world does not seem to understand his psychology. Benssouda too, or she is a conniving one.

  3. who is this bigot anonymous 2 who madsling Raila Odinga, when did Raila talk of country bleeding, some people are so funny

  4. Enter your comment...why should there be chaos if elections is free and fair?

  5. Enter your comment...Bwana Moi yu rigged yourself into for 24yrs and kept kikuyus on their toes every election year..you had your fair share of economic destruction..you hate and blame Raila for maiming KANU..you led with
    an iron fist..You silenced democracy..you your only achievement is keeping everyone poor and begging from statehouse..your advice is unfortunate and outdated chief.

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