Disaster looms as UHURU is set to declare himself President automatically if RAILA successfully delays elections

..Jubilee and NASA after sensing defeat by putting obstacles to delay the polls.

However, he vowed that the elections will go on as scheduled and that if Raila pulls out of the race then he would automatically be declared President.

“The NASA leaders are trying to force Kenyans to allow them to join Government through the backdoor just as they did during the Grand Coalition Government where they forced retired President Mwai Kibaki to share power with them, but I can assure you that will not happen this time.”

“If they pull out of the race, we will continue ruling,” Uhuru said.


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  1. The truth is Raila worn in 2007 elections. The whole world knows that Kibaki lost. Even Kibaki knows he lost. The Martha Katya Mafia forced themselves into the Government. Uhuru Kenyatta you know what happened and you know it true. As the president of this country, you should be ashamed of such a tribalistic eandevour to deny someone from another tribe leadership. God watches everything mankind does. There is a time for everything. As much as we respect you as our president, you should stop propaganda and lies. Otherwise your subjects or the people you lead will just do what they do. A good question is "why do Kenyans like grabbing land. Why is it that the govermeydoes nothing about it. Many social facilities have been grabbed. Public land even individual land. Government does nothing. Who are the presidents who later the foundation for land grabbing? Answer yourself now since we count the former presidents and check what happened.

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