ALFRED MUTUA shares PHOTOs of the destruction WAVINYA NDETI has caused to his projects, this is evil.


For the last four years, I have been silent as detractors, mostly people afraid of development and improvement of the lives of our people, have had a field day attacking me, spewing hate and propaganda against me and my family. I have left them to God's will.

However, when now they have started destroying development projects that turn back the clock of civilization, I cannot be silent any more. I have to expose them.

I have, more than any other leader in Kenya, engaged in water projects. I have dug and rehabilitated nearly 400 boreholes (more than have ever been done since independence). Mothers who used to ferry dirty water from rivers kilometers away are getting piped water either at water points or their homes. The work continues.

Now, political detractors have started destroying the water projects so that it is claimed my projects are not functioning and to turn the public against me.

Solar panels used to power water borehole pumps are being cut down and destroyed. This was the case at Kithiumuoni borehole in Kangundo sub county less than two weeks ago. 

Pipes taking water to homes are also being uprooted. Borehole pump wires and parts are being destroyed. Every morning, in the last two months, we are waking up to news of sabotage of projects that benefit Wananchi.

I have also installed more mulika mwizi floodlights in Machakos than done anywhere else in Kenya. Now they have taken to cutting cables and when that fails they are breaking the flood lights. For example, two days ago, floodlights at Ngunga village in Wamunyu, Kangundo were vandalized.

All these are not cases of theft because nothing is being stolen. It is clear sabotage and destruction of government projects that is well orchestrated to match the public campaign speeches of those opposed to my Mwananchi centered service.

I wish to ask Hon. Wavinya Ndeti to come clean and tell the people of Machakos and Kenya if she has sent her people to destroy water projects so that our mothers can go back to drinking bilharzia laced water.

Even if one does not like Mutua, one should have mercy for our mothers whose backs are crooked from years of toil and carrying Mitungis and who are in the process of being liberated from this slavery.

In addition, even if one does not like Mutua, one should have mercy on our women who are assaulted and even raped in darkness when a Mulika Mwizi is destroyed.

I ask Wavinya Ndeti to come clean. We ask you to answer the question. How involved are you in the sabotaging of projects?

I will not allow our people to be taken back to the primitive age because some people are greedy for power.

This is no longer about politics but choice between progressive, future based leadership or backward primitive and enslaving leadership. The time has come for us to put our people first. That after all, is the essence of leadership.

As we…

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  2. If the events we are reading here are true by any chance it is very unfortunate for the people of Machakos. My advice for the people of Machakos think with your heart before you vote do not vote parties or alliances vote for yourself. You might not have many options but pick the best.

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