SHOCK as MUTUTHO exposes UHURU’s family for minting billion from unga crisis! They created the shortage

..manipulating the prices of flour despite Parliament passing the Monopolies Act.”

“It's time the Agriculture CS took action,” Mututho said.

The former Naivasha MP refuted claims by Uhuru Kenyatta and Agriculture CS, Willy Bett, that the maize shortage was as a result of natural causes saying the shortage is an artificial move to benefit a few people.

“When I was in Parliament, the same cartel was responsible for hoarding the commodity and later releasing it to the market at a high price.”

“We have ships fully loaded with maize in Durban, South Africa, seeking a market and thus it’s possible to buy any consignment at the shortest time possible,” he said.


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  1. Mututho, everybody in Jubilee rejected by citizens at the PRIMARIES is bitter with the goverment to revenge with the president? You wanted the president to force you to people or people to you! So sorry, THE PRESIDENT IS A DEMOCRAT.
    I doubt your tantrums will influence what you are thinking.
    Let people learn to accept defeat in a competition. Mututho, it is not Uhuru's fault you were beaten by one woman, Jane Kihara. Celebrate the years you were able to beat her and got your turn.I t is her turn now.

  2. Since there is a shortage of the same commodity in the neighbouring countries is it the Kenya government that is causing this 'artificial' shortage in the region. Come on give us a break beans Mututho!!!!

  3. Willy Mwangi Nakuru

    The drought and food shortage is being felt not only in Kenya but ALSO IN Tanzania and Uganda. In fact ten people have died in Uganda cos of the shortage OF Unga!!! WAS IT KENYATTA WHO CAUSED THAT? POLE OPPORTUNIST POLITICIAN YOU ARE DONE!!

  4. ANON:08:54 Thank you so much I could not have said it better, Mututho is a failure from the word go.

  5. Anon. 18 may: What you are saying might be true. Could what Mututho is saying also be true? The fact is there is a shortage of maize in the country. It looks like its artificial. Would it become this bad without the president's knowledge? That's why Mututho could be true!


  7. losers with bitterness

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