US based scholar says NASA will lose badly if RAILA is the presidential candidate - UHURU will win!

..only work best as a watchdog to ensure devolution is strengthened and also guiding the NASA troupes.

"We like his force for change and vision for strengthening devolution and also guiding the NASA troops,” Wanyama said.

He said Raila Odinga is loved and hated in equal measure and that automatically disqualifies him from vying for the Presidency.

“Those who like him are equal to those who fear him and that does not augur well in a General Election," said the analyst.


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  1. Some part of the story is true that Raila is loved and hated in equal measure. However, he always loses in shoddy elections. If elections are clean, he can win. Especially, this time that people have already tasted Uhuru and seen that he is not as good as they claimed in 2013.

  2. If Raila defeats Uhuru in 2017, i will offer the jaluo living in my house free rent for 1 year. Jaluos love free things!

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