Touch me and Kenya will burn like hell - JOHO tells UHURU after that threat last week

Friday March 17, 2017 - Mombasa Governor, Ali Hassan Joho, has warned President Uhuru Kenyatta against threatening him like a child.

Last week, Uhuru who was campaigning at the Coast said he will deal with Joho accordingly if he continues abusing and disrespecting him.

But speaking in Taita Taveta while campaigning for ODM on Thursday, Joho said he doesn’t fear the President.

“I am not someone who can be threatened. Do not dare me. I work for my people and what concerns them, concerns me. (Mimi sitishwi my friend. Usinichezee),'' Joho said.

The flamboyant Governor further slammed the Jubilee Government for allegedly sidelining Coast residents saying the Opposition will takeover in August.

He said that he is confident that ODM party leader, Raila Odinga, will win the Presidency in August and asked Coast residents to continue supporting the opposition as they did in 2007 and in 2013.


  1. That the more you plan evils for others, the more you fall disasters.

  2. No. Your not as significant as you think

  3. So what is Joho an Illuminati devil?????? he said admin yeye sio mtu wa kawaida learn to report spoken info kubaf!

  4. Am surprised this lose canon is still talking he should stay where he was placed coz thats where he belongs he has done extremely nothing for the coastal pple all tenders are given to his kins n those others that happen to get are not paid ....hes wrotten to the chore his bro collects rubbish coz hes got the contract but they do as they please coz they say around here..we re at their mercy u have to bootlick him just as he bootlicks Raila to prove hes the pointman ....just recently remember the phrase nime kumark wewe....very immature from a leader of his stature....he was just lucky....his pple that he sells drugs too apart from diverting tax payers money God have mercy on us

  5. Can Kenya burn like hell just vecause Jiho has dared the president to touch him and live to regret it? I doubt Joho is endowed with good brains to think of the issues he is pretending to know. My take is Joho is quite a fool. He will not even know what has chewed him up.

  6. Peleka u sultan wako mbali na RAIS

  7. I said the other day that this governor is radicalised. NSIS should now try to put pieces together and establish this terroristic tendencies being potrayed by Joho. he argues like someone who has graduated in Terrorism.

  8. Aki ati joho dio uko na kiberiti ya kuchoma kenya.Let him know that he is nothing but a small rat creating a nuisance at night. What can a D- governor with a fake degree offer to Kenya.

  9. Enter your comment...who is he now that Kenya wil burn coz of him?

  10. eti kenya will burn like hell?so you are satan himself?

  11. Who exactly does this pharmacist think he the scheme of things he is kidude tu

  12. Uhuru is fighting a foolish fight. He started it. Now he is using govt institutions like KRA to fight his personal fights. coward.

  13. i wonder y the prezzo is toking to goevrnors instead of telling wat jubilee shuld be doing. sisi ni raia wa kawaida n somethings we knw n can c. i was expecting to c 5 international stadiums , class one labtops. kwetu hakuna hata mtoto mmoja anajua hio. n extra. those r the things he prezzo shuld be telling us kulingana na manifesto ya TNA. jubilee haina kitu.kama manifesto.

  14. joho wacha nyege mingi,just tell your people umewafanyia nini. wacha kazi yako ikutete.

  15. i don't know but, every time i listen to Joho, i feel violent.

  16. My vote was for Joho but according to the immaturity he's portrayed, How can a governor hull insults to the head of state. We can't respect such a loose mouth person. This is not a man to man battle to use such uncouth words. "Mimi si mtu wa kawaida" The if u r extra ordinary why don't u head the earth leave alone Kenya???

  17. Sultan Joho, we are not as foolish to let Kenya burn for your sake. We value and love our country and if there will be burning anywhere may be in coast but I assure you the other parts of Kenya will remain cool and peaceful watching at your coast burning like hell.

  18. Thats Juvenile delinquency

  19. Sultan hongo, cool your houses

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