State House in panic as NASA unveils its candidate next week! UHURU can’t imagine handing over

Friday March 17, 2017 - Leaders allied to the ruling Jubilee Party are reportedly spending sleepless nights over increased activities by the National Super Alliance (NASA) ahead of the August General Election.

State House is particularly unsettled with NASA’s plan to name its Presidential candidate before the end of this month.

The NASA 12-member coordinating committee and 5-member technical committee charged with picking the flag bearer finished their work on Tuesday.

Speaking yesterday, Machakos Senator Johnston Muthama, who is a member of the NASA coordinating committee, confirmed that the coalition was now ready to name and unveil its flag bearer as early as next week.

“I am just coming out of a meeting right now, a few minutes to 11pm. I can tell you that we have finished our task and we will present our candidate to Kenyans at the end of this month,” Muthama confirmed.


  1. There will be soon a tough task for NASA to mend a cracked wall before the fourth general elections scheduled for August 2017.

  2. Admin in panic as plans to gag the gutter press finalized.

  3. Can't vote for a Kiuk, reality in western, tuko NASA an will for whoever they settle on, don't waste time singing chupilee to us.

  4. There is only one Alfa Male and State House is not in Panic, When Raila Launched Gor Mahia Bread, did it cause jitters on anyone?, So is Nasa's Alfamale crowning

  5. We as Nasa have settled on the Goldenberg Hero, Mu-dvd Heheheeeeeeee

  6. Kichaka ni ile ile na Nyani ni wale wale

  7. I Uhuru I'm not shaken by 4 Men roaming in the Streets

  8. Admin panic as plans are ready to check all media houses receiving hefty cheques of money to discredit the government.

  9. Hii Next week ya NASA ita fika next week y next week ya next week,ditto....

  10. Jubilee will be celebrating the naming of the candidates as that will errand the drawing up of a new and clear strategy to defeat NASA. Currently NASA is surviving on lies and confusion to its followers that each one of the four principals has a chance of clinching the ticket. Things will never be the same again after the line up is drawn.

  11. Annon. 12:51, Western you are in NASA but remember there are other regions that are elsewhere.Also remember you only have 1.7 million votes only compared to other provinces with as many as close to 4 million, so you are a minority brother.

  12. oooooh it is Raila i don't know 0002 !!!!!!!

  13. what panick?

  14. Admin you are the one in panic. what is nasa?? who is the presidential candidate and running mate???????


  16. son of jomo is afraid of loosing his stolen wealth since independence

  17. not yet named,,,,, wooooooi

  18. bulshit nasa is headed to the pitlatrines za kibera

  19. Rails is the only one who portends some change for Kenya....the others will be puppets or zombies...they represent nothing! Rails must be the presidential candidate...the rest I don't care but they drop Kalonzo...and Nasa is dead

  20. why is state house in a panic mode when the cant not even clean up the mess in ministry of foreign affairs.state house brags that they are in control of things in the country while officer in the ministry of foreign affairs are suffering in the hands of some of the senior officers in that ministry.we appreacite the work the Cs and Ps have done so far .but we have some officers who have misguided the CS and Ps to make very wrong decision .We have one by the name
    Lawrence waweru embu by tribe,who has made foreign affairs and mission abroad his milking project.He has affairs with female officers and post female officers to missions abroad which they want.a case in ankara which we all know.Has a tendency of being a womanizer in the pretence of giving posting to an extend of ill advising the Cs to sign a posting order which has never happened in the administration of foreign affairs .it is interesting to note he was posting himself to bostwana as a minister and one tend to wonder to what was he going to do there.putting a case study where it is know the kind of things he usually does in his office after 5 pm so that he can perfect his manhood desire.he derives pleasure from the misfortune of other officers and has a habit of being paid but does not attend giving an example of esami course which he was paid over a million shillings and did not attend esami course in arusha,tanzania.
    Phoebe ndonye a wolf in sheep clothing even national treasury knows they posted a fisi to foreign affairs.These woman is as canning as the rabbit.she is a typical person whose manners are pegged to the desire of kukula kuku na vifaranga.she is a woman with an evil mind,uses officers for her selfish gain.a bribe taker in the office,cant even work with the CFO properly.receives money outside the office inform of bribe a case being meeting at a place ,hotel near the office thinking she is not being watched.I really dont know why she was posted in this minstry as this is the worst head of accounting unit we have seen in a number of years .
    so state house is still panicking i pity this officials there as having worthless and incompetent officersof such calibre at foreign affairs is the same as having waititu and margeret wanjiru at state house with canine teeth.

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