Selling JOHO in Coast is like selling pigs to Muslims in Mecca! Mombasa is headed to UHURU

Jubilee Party politician, Annaniah Mwaboza, has said Governor Joho’s popularity in Mombasa is fading for disrespecting President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Addressing a Press Conference on Saturday, Mwaboza said the Jubilee team is ready to end Joho's "oppressive Sultan leadership" in Mombasa.

Mwaboza said the President's party had significantly eroded ODM support in Mombasa and that the County was slowly but surely turning into a Jubilee zone.

“Selling Joho in Mombasa today is like selling pigs in Mecca,” he said.

"Those who keep saying Coast is 'Corded' should continue dreaming until the Jubilee Tsunami sweeps the region starting tomorrow,” he added.

Mwaboza who is a prominent lawyer also criticised Joho saying he has been wasting the Sh4 billion Mombasa has been getting annually since 2013 and turned to asking why Nairobi gets more.

“What will Lamu people, who get Sh2.8 billion, say? If he cannot effectively utilise Sh4 billion, will he manage Sh5 billion or more?” he posed.

Joho’s Communication Director, Richard Chacha, refused to comment on Mwaboza’s remarks.


  1. is it 4 billion or 40 billion

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