RAILA wasn’t sick! MUTAHI NGUNYI reveals what he did at Karen Hospital that fooled even UHURU

Tuesday March 14, 2017 - Political commentator Mutahi Ngunyi has commended former Prime Minister Raila Odinga for fooling everyone that he was sick and suffering from bouts of food positioning.

According to Ngunyi, Raila Odinga was not sick, he just faked sickness to gain public sympathy over President Uhuru Kenyatta going into election.

He noted that Raila’s alleged food poisoning and sickness was the height of political conmanship and urged Kenyans not to fall for his dirty and outdated tricks.

“Our message to Uhuru is simple. Raila is a reckless, old, jobless man and most men his age are eating potatoes with their grandchildren in the villages. Although Raila is still strong, he is reckless, destructive and calculative,” Mutahi Ngunyi opined in his weekly political analysis.

Ngunyi also urged Uhuru to change his tact in dealing with Raila and the Opposition and deal with them ruthlessly.

“If the country falls apart, we will not blame Raila we will blame Uhuru, that’s why he must deal with the Opposition viciously and aggressively,” he said.

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  1. If Uhuru had dealt with corrupt people ruthlessly and already sent them to prison, then he can have the balls of ruthlessness. But at the moment he is just protecting thieves and his sisters, what power will he have. Instead people will only take him like a dictator. we ngoja tu uone na hio ruthless yako, uhuru will be the loser.

  2. really what do we have to lose if we vote in the opposition.atleast we havent seen their true colors yet.

  3. So Ngunyi you are now Raila's doctor? I am surprise this coming from you because anyone could have said this. The best way Uhuru can deal with opposition is to do what is right for all Kenyans. But can he?

  4. Uhuru campaign machine in top gear, Nguni with questionable character can not purport to offer any advice on the current goings. The NYS scandal still hangs on his neck.

  5. Mutahi is speaking like a learned idiot.

  6. Mutahi is speaking like a learned idiot.

  7. that is stupid of ngunyia

  8. Anon 11.35 Uhuru may be protecting even members of the the opposition mentioned adversely also in the NYS scandal like Junet. Probably even the wheel-burrow governor too, but removing an incumbent president from office is like cutting a century old tree with a razor blade. We all know who the losers are and they will remain so for a long time to come. Coming up with the proper numbers to win does not come from heckling and name calling. The individual's past catches up with him sooner or later. I think some guys were born failures,live like failures and die failures.


  10. Ngunyi we know that you are protecting your own cash cow. Unajua Uhunye akiondoka hakuna pa kunyonyea Kenyan tax payer. Acha pang'anga nyingi. Kuna more issues affecting Kenyans than kufuata Kila move ya Agwash. Man how long will you milk the Agwash gravy train. Tafuta Kazi ya maana!

  11. Mutahi Ngunyi hates Raila Odinga with a passion unknown to mankind. What a shame.

  12. Mutahi Ngunyi has eaten a lot from Jubilee and is now vomiting on other peoples shoes.

  13. when is this infact thats is what we are waiting to make this country a law less country like somalia

  14. when is this infact thats is what we are waiting to make this country a law less country like somalia

  15. ngunyi i want to tell you today that uhuruto will be the looser incoming election kenya is changing this time round.mtashanga kuona NASA STATE HOUSE.

  16. We knew Raila was not sick. It was stag managed for sympathy yes. Of course going to Karen hospital he thought would validate it more.I believe there, he was told he is okay.
    We however know he suffers occasional bouts of loose stool when the thought of losing this election strike.

  17. Wee mutahi or i dont know what you call yourself. Eti political analist wa analise nani sasa. Usiambie watu upuzi wako hapo. Watetea kabila yako NKT. WAIZI!!!!

  18. the thot of losing again and decamping odm governors,senators,mps and mcas can cause him real sickness,mutahi you are wrong!

  19. If these are the kind of advisors that the President has, Kenya is headed no where. Ngunyi is the most stupid lawyer in Kenya.

  20. mutahi ngunyi, satan will execrate u till u deflagrate with ua micrology. what did Luos do to u sir? u hate them with passion

  21. where is the authenticity of your source.....!!! perhaps you want to call attention

  22. Anon 1407
    Ngunyi is not a lawyer he us a political scientist...just so you know.

  23. Then Mutahi You got the right to sue the King of the 4skins

  24. Mutahi ng'ony.....or whatever your name is, you can go to hell. Deal with RAO ruthlessly? Let him first fix all the loopholes in his gava if he doesn't want Joho to admire him as a sissie.......

  25. Do patients give updates on their condition or is it their doctors? your guess is as good as Mutahi's. He is right.

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