ODM tells RAILA ODINGA to leave NASA if ‘cry baby KALONZO’ keeps on threatening him.

Friday March 17, 2017 - A section of Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) MPs held a meeting in Nairobi on Wednesday night where they declared that Raila Odinga’s name must be at the ballot in 2017.

According to those who attended the meeting, ODM politicians are furious with threats issued by Wiper Democratic Movement leaders that they will walk out of NASA if Kalonzo Msuyoka is not named the Presidential flag bearer.

The MPs resolved to tell Raila Odinga to go it alone if Kalonzo keeps on insisting on the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) they signed with him in 2013. In the MoU , Raila Odinga agreed to support Kalonzo’s presidential bid in 2017.

“The feeling in this group of ODM MPs is that Raila’s co-principals are blackmailing him, that the co principals are hardening their positions despite all concessions ODM has made and that it has reached a point of disrespect,” said a senior ODM MP who attended the meeting.

The MPs said whether Kalonzo likes or not, Raila must be the opposition flag bearer.


  1. and hyenas decided to eat one of their own

  2. It is not the question of Kalonzo liking, but the most popular party right now in this country is ODM, and we as voters wonder why Raila is wasting his time in this NYANYASA corporation, alone he is still popular. ODM has votes in the coastal region, part of north eastern,Nyanza, westerm and some parts of the rift valley including central why waste time with NASA????????

  3. Nobody and I repeat nobody should be soft on RAO and his goons. The best is for these NASA fellows is to forget unity and each go on his own. Our Kalonzo must be in the ballot!!! peroid.

  4. Alfa Male is one Rao

  5. Such advice will mislead the Elderly Old-Man into Oblivion and will never recover

  6. Even if Kalonzo opts out, Raila will replace Kalonzo's support with over 2million dead votes as was in 2007, Rao triggered Biometric system after Krigler noticed His dirty game, Thanx to Tharaka Nithi

  7. Moi chopped off Rao's balls

  8. Ok guys. Only one man can be flag bearer. And this where common sense must prevail. RAO is most popular and oldest. People must respect this. Kalonzo can wait and become Madvd's running mate in 2027. RAO will support that duo then with the latter as flag bearer. Can't you see. Its ok.Weta needs to cool down his feet a bit. He is still young. Its ok. After all we are 42 old million people. We can't all be pressos even in a million years. Make sense. Yes and no. See at the ballot.

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  10. I support this big boy from Nyanza to be flag bearer of NASWA.....or nasa? -

  11. Nasa MUST stop the wrangling and give the Academic Dwarf Joho the Presidential Nomination

  12. I believe that is one of the so much important info for me.

  13. Very nice well thanks to share this.

  14. Oh yes you are very right.

  15. It is not good give threat to politicians.

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