MIKE SONKO is below my level, he is just a gangster with nothing between his ears - KENNETH.

Nairobi gubernatorial aspirant, Peter Kenneth, has described Senator Mike Sonko as ‘a foolish man known for epic hooliganism and gangster politics.’

Speaking at Crown Plaza Hotel during a meeting with national Muslim leaders last Saturday, Kenneth said Sonko never went to school and that is why he behaves in a childish manner.

“We are not in the same league. We are different. I offer leadership, he offers hooliganism. I offer a way forward, he offers cheerleading gangs. I went to school and perhaps some school went through him. But we should not score own goals. We should score goals on the other side,” Kennth said.

He added “I told him ( Sonko) that if  we cannot  have  a consensus among the candidates who want  the Governorship on the Jubilee ticket, Jubilee is a very democratic party. We will go for nominations and we finish the matter once and all because we are confident we will banish him from politics if we go that way, so it is up to him.”

However, Kenneth said people should stop assuming the differences between him and Sonko are an indication of strife within Jubilee.


  1. Mr Kenneth , most voters in Nairobi even though educated are not learned . If it was the first world maybe you would have a chance . However ground level politics are purely a mix of both hooliganism and satire . You Sir appear dull and lack the charm effect. You might have a solid brain between your ears however history has proven otherwise.

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