Here is the H0*NY Jubilee Senator who has been using her charm to lure young men to S3X

Friday March 17, 2017 - A Mombasa court has a dismissed a case where nominated Jubilee Senator, Emmah Mbura, had sued a young man who revealed that he has had s*x with her.

The young man identified as Mghandi Kalinga had been bragging on social media how he banged the aging Jubilee Senator during the Malindi by-election campaigns.

Kalinga allegedly sent abusive video clips saying Mbura is fond of snatching other women’s husbands and also dishing her ‘honey jar’ to young boys.

Mbura who is the wife of activist, Okiya Omtata, went to court and sued Kalinga for defamation.

But in his ruling on Thursday, Mombasa Chief Magistrate Francis Kyamba dismissed the case for lack of evidence. He said the case lacked enough evidence to proceed.

Speaking outside the court, Kalinga said the dismissal saved Mbura a big embarrassment because he was to produce evidence of the real affair.


  1. By the way if I may ask; whether this affair was there or not, how mature is this Kalinga fellow. He talks like a woman. He is a shame to fellow men. He should join womenfolk as this is where he belongs. Why screw up somebody's name? Answer me Mr. Kalinga!!!!! Emmah Mbura could be loose Yes but tell the world, Is there something you wanted her to give you other than her body? Were you charging for services rendered? if so you are a harlot of the highest order. Very disappointing and depressing!!!

  2. Those are big mouthed guys who never went to the river at down.Its an honour if you get the dish from such beauty queens.Then keep your silence.Thats men ettiquette.Wacha panganga.

  3. Ashante ya punda ni mateke. A whole mheshimiwa agrees to do you a rare favour, you Kaliga, and you go ahead and behave like an idiot. How many other worthies have ever, ever favoured you this way, you ruffian. Tell us and apologies for this utoto.

  4. What do you expect the lady to do when she is married to a husband like Omatata who is a "dog for hire" for Raila's dirty tricks. He forgets his conjugal responsibilities though he knows very well that he is married to a "kamba". I suspect that the guy can not rise to the occasion and hence Mbura can look for it somewhere else i.e. Beachboys.

  5. Anon 01.40, I agree with you but he doesn't even talk like a woman. He talks like a child!!! He must have a big inferiority complex for him to want to tell the entire world that he has had sex with so and so!!! A disgrace to adulthood.

  6. That Kalinga man is the kind that defecates in somebody's shamba and then goes screaming that he has done it. He is one very foolish man; kwani alilazimishwa kuwa na uhusiano na yule madam. A cheap fool.

  7. Anon 01.40, stop killing yourself over Kalinga. He has a right of self expression no matter the subject. On the premise that he is still a youngster, as implied in the story, how do you expect him to keep the secret under wraps after banging a forty-something old 'nunu' belonging to someone old enough to be his mother and keep quiet about?????? He is unconsciously exposing the rot in our society of those who don't have morals including himself and his partner of the day. He should have been allowed to present the evidence to the shame of them both. After all it takes two to tangle. Emma Mbura should have thought twice about heading to court; we could have been mistaken for her thinking she is any mature either in her involvement with a youngster. Pooh.

  8. a man like HIM is known as "mbembe" in kiswahili

  9. Anon 4:23 I choose to differ with you on this one. Who is the idiot here? The 'mheshimiwa' is. What brains did she have to undress for young boy old enough to be her son? It is not a favour to sleep with a that young man. Both of their different organs were at work; with so many young girls around, she is the one who should say thank you. She is wasting the young man's time and strength; shame on the fossil she is.

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