RAILA and JOHO in deep trouble as AKASHA brothers spill the beans! DEA were shocked.

Last month, the Kenyan Government extradited two Kenyan brothers to the United States for conspiring to smuggle 98 kgs of heroin into the US.

Following their extradition, Baktasha and Ibrahim Akasha appeared before a New York courtroom on Friday where they were charged with the offence of smuggling drugs into the United States.

The two together with one Indian and one Pakistanian national were clad in prison uniforms resembling hospital scrubs - the protective garment worn by doctors and nurses in operating theatres.

Before they were charged, Baktasha and Ibrahim were questioned by Drug and Enforcement Agency (DEA) officials who were shocked to learn that even senior politicians in Kenya are engaged in the drug trade.

The Akashas mentioned Mombasa Governor, Ali Hassan Joho, who they said assisted them by creating a conducive environment for them to operate freely in Mombasa when carrying out their dirty businesses.

They also told the DEA officers that some of the money they collected funded political parties in Kenya.

They mentioned Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party as one of the many parties they fund using drug money.

ODM party is associated with CORD leader, Raila Odinga.


  1. Should Utumishi kwa Wote not be interested in this ?

  2. Uhurus party is full of thugs and lords of poverty.Where is Dida?

  3. you will not succeed with your nonsense propaganda



  6. raila probably is funding and is the brains behind the doctors strike. like atwoli said its somehow unnatural to try having negotiations with people and they reject everything. but lakini akumbuke lazima atalipa. Someone else somewhere up who is bigger than anyone in this world is watching.

  7. Mpumbavu Shetani if you dont have nothing to say for Kenyans kindly do something positive at list can benefit you,we know your a jubilee blogger na usitutishe na maneno ya Upuzi See, if you look at the drug war from a purely economic point of view, the role of the government is to protect the drug cartel. That's literally true,The world of global drug production, shipping distribution, sales, and consumption is too complex, however, to be understood in any single us-and-them story,we Kenyans blame the government,starting with Uhuru,Ruto and politicians,its too late to clear the drug cartels and yet the government knows them.

  8. it might be true. in every rumor there must be a truth

  9. Let the truth take it's course.

  10. Let the truth take it's course.

  11. hahaa kenyans look n see joho n raila

    COUNTRY. And the foreigners keep giving the thieves more and more
    Money, which they even know is pocketed !

  13. This is stupid journalism, find something constructive to write about, hii propaganda kapigie watu wa kwenu

  14. Some political heads now are peeing drops in their pants by the day for fear that the US government will come after them now that the Akashas are in custody. They are next.

  15. KIKUYU Propaganda newpaper => Kenyan post.

    Kurangira uthamaki wa ngui

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