Here is why RAILA ODINGA was heckled and booed in Uhuru Park - We don’t want politics.

CORD leader, Raila Odinga, was humiliated by striking doctors on Wednesday after he tried to politicize the strike.

Raila, who was accompanied by Wiper leader, Kalonzo Musyoka, had gone to Uhuru Park to express his solidarity with striking doctors but was shocked to learn that doctors were tired with his empty rhetoric.

First was Kalonzo who started talking politics, seemingly taking advantage of the doctors' anger towards the Government.

He was unlucky as doctors began shouting, "no politics!" and chanted "CBA!" prompting him to tone down and hand the mic to Raila.

When Raila took to the podium, he tried the much he could to stay on track until one person reminded him not to play politics.

The former PM who was hoping to get some political mileage from the strike left the venue a dejected person since he realized most of the doctors are Jubilee supporters.


  1. coro maai. He who pay the piper calls the tune. The doctors are employed by the government and anybody trying to bring politics to them will only hurt their case. Its a shame for NASA brigade to have tried that nonsense there.

  2. The media edited this out. Kenyan media tell the truth only in accident.


  4. Iwas so happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  5. haaahhaa bure kabisa raila

  6. Jesus Christ was mocked in his own home town NOT KNOWING HE IS THE MESSIAH(when a child pees on your lap,you never know he the same child who will slap you on your face)Kenya,we are here today cause some people sacrificed a lot but we are NOT YET THE PROMISED LAND/KENYA.DO NOT WORSHIP IDOLS IF WE WISH TO REACH THE PROMISED LAND/KENYA.

  7. Doctor's are just more educated/sober people and see right through politicians lies and tricks. Haaaaaha!

  8. RAO, Doctor are not idiots. They want their CBA. Your backward politics will not give them their CBA. Shame on you!!!!!

  9. The doctors are being taken for a ride. Their leadership is in Raila's pocket but they foolishly think they are fighting for them. They are being used to fight a battle they have no clue about.

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