Here is the LUO suicide bomber who blew up KDF soldiers in Somalia last month killing many

Even as memories of the attack on a Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) base in Kulbiyow on January 27th by Al-Shabaab terrorists where several soldiers were killed is still fresh, details have emerged of who exactly bombed the camp.

According to investigations by both Kenya and other agencies, a Kenyan man was the suicide bomber who drove an explosive-laden truck into the KDF camp last month.

The investigators identified Anwar Yogan Mwok, a Kenyan born in Siaya County in 1981, as the suicide bomber.

Anwar and fellow Kenyans Ramadhan Kungwa and Erick Ogada had joined the Al Shabaab and were wanted by police for their involvement in terror activities.

“Mwok was one of the lead vehicle-borne improvised explosives devices that targeted the KDF camp. He was killed by the heavy artillery fired by the KDF and died instantly,” said one of the officials investigating the matter.


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