Reality dawns on JOHO as he ‘apologises’ to UHURU after his verbal diarrhoea in Mombasa

...did not wage a personal attack against the President in Mombasa but told the Government off for not launching new projects.

“I did not mention Uhuru in my speech.”

“I did not tell him [that] as a person.”

“I said the Jubilee Government should show us what projects they have done in Mombasa since they came to power,” Joho said in a breakfast meeting with one radio station.

He said he respects President Uhuru Kenyatta as a person but what he was against is the Jubilee Government launching projects initiated by Raila Odinga and former President Mwai Kibaki during the mkate nusu Government.


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  1. So where did Joho apologize?wacheni ushenzi bwana,there's nothing Joho should apologize for.

  2. joho acted like a jilted lover.jealousy and hatred will kill him

  3. Joho ni mwaname alisi kindly Jubilee blogger and goons I think you don't have work to do, come I give u some serious work to do and the bottom line is Jojo told uhuruto the truth to make the record straight we don't worship uhuruto like they are GOds in fact they are the worst corrupt leaders we ever had, wezi tupu na mafisi,have a nice day stupid blogger.

  4. Idioot.raiaa will never be president even if you belittle Uhuru.Uhuruto tenaaaaaaaaaa.

  5. Joho is behaving his D Plain he attained in KCSE.Seriously an Academic Dwarf roving around Campuses with a basketful of drug money looking for a cheap Chancellor to buy in exchange for a university Degree.Am sure he has heard of Matiang'i by now.Thats why he is panicking with his fake Gretsa Degree.Kimo chako ki motoni kaka.

  6. This guy seems like he suffers from Testerone a bull that is on heat and mounts on anything.Respect presidency young man.You want to ruin your future

  7. i want kalonzo and joho 2 screw joho in his ass hole until he says Uhuru tosha.kumamake shoga mkubwa yeye

  8. Anon 06:16 let me give you a tip about joho stupid kikuyu,He may get a D plain and which ever names you call him,it doesnt matter,he may carry a full basket of drug thats fine and its non of your business at list he is helping his own people and community not like uhuru and ruto who steal day and night and corrupt in the highest level and yet people are suffering and dying in the hospitals,take this into your account stupid fellow other tribe dont worship uhuru like he is a were God like your community does na haturambi matako ya uhuru kama wakikuyu wanafanya,we follow the truth not propaganda and conspiracy,your squatters in your own land starting from kiambu your sons are killers and thieves and your daughters prostitute,so before you comment anything look back where you come from and in case you didn't know kenya sio za mama zenu ama baba zenu its for all 42 tribes,You got A plain why haven't you tried changed you community like joho a D plain like you comment is doing,msitutishe na ujinga we follow minority we dont follow majority.mpumbavu

  9. Anon 01:10,for your information am not a Kikuyu.But your are definitely an idiot with very little understanding about the art and science of leadership in the modern world.Certainly in a County with over 70% C and above Academic material,you don't let an academic failure and a degree fraudster to lead you.Lead to you where?to failure?no wonder Mombasa is fast loosing its status.We don't need a cry baby governor who instead of offering his people comfort in times like this,joins them in mourning their predicament due to his intellectual deficiency and acute insecurity and inferiority complex thereof.Please Mombasa,give us a less academically challenged governor next time,to partner with the rest of the more capable Governors to build a more educated and prosperous Kenya

  10. Anon 2017 06:59 who ask you to comment let me give you a tip that you will remember,it doesn't matter where you come from or what you do no wonder every x-mas your busy going for tour in mombasa,why don't you go to dubai,let me tell you the tip and truth of mombasa is because u cant afford to go to dubai stupid fellow I am not a labor leader. I don't want you to follow me or anyone else. If you are looking for a Moses to lead you out of the capitalist wilderness you will stay right where you are. I would not lead you into this promised land if I could, because if I could lead you in, someone else could lead you out and that's Uhuru and Ruto who preach wine and its water and only fools like you follow corruption,conspiracy,propaganda and liars let me give a tip a true leader knows the suffering of his people not a degree and masters and yet you don't know how to lead your people a leader is chosen from God humble and never to be non only his or her dids can tell you he or she is a true leader,not like Uhuru and Ruto who stealing from there on people,Lima Peru - Alejandro Toledo says his training for his new job started when he was eight years old - shining shoes in the streets in northern Peru. He will be inaugurated as president,we need a change and i hope and pray its coming tomorrow,keep on dreaming mpumbavu.

  11. Anon 06:59,judging by your poor writing,you must be Governor Joho contributing anonymously.Am sorry but education is the key.No wonder you write as a nimcompoop

  12. huyu joho ako na upuzi wa kudharau viongozi wengine

  13. let truth be told the Jublee government has not launched any meaningful projects in the coastal region.So when Joho challenged the government to show what they have done there is nothing wrong.

  14. The problem between Joho and the president started when the president sank the drugs loaded ship at the port of Mombasa. It belonged to Joho himself

    Jublee criminals are going to JAIL.
    Kenyans will recover their stolen taxes - NYS, Mafya


  16. D-Graded Brain ,D-Graded Leadership.No wonder Mombasa has lost its former Glory.


  18. High on something. He not only sells but tastes the goods.

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