In 2015, they abused UHURU for carrying NGINA to France but see what RAILA did in Accra (PICs)

...Kenya’s Consul-General in Los Angeles, his brother, Oburu Odinga, was the Finance Assistant Minister and Mr Elkanah Odembo, the former Kenya Ambassador to Washington who is his brother-in-law.

In a nutshell, Raila Odinga is the most nepotistic leader in Kenya despite his campaign gusto that he will eliminate nepotism after 2017.

Here are photos of Raila Odinga and his delegation  

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  1. some of articles just rubbish, when you how many people have you ever paid matatu fare. why compare president with people using their resources

  2. The sycophants are crawling fro the woodworks to support their deity. Hear no evil, see no evil et al. Its a fact RAO is nepotistic to a fault. But he only see others not himself. Period.

  3. bure kabisa, Raila is only using his own pocket while uhuru is using kenyan tax payers money. shenzi kabisa

  4. wjathe wacha kutetea mungu wenu he never uses his fare

  5. I thought their something to read, foolishness

  6. Some articles are aimed to whip up your emotions for the worse.

  7. Joho paid using Mombasa county coffers.

  8. So state visits by sitting president should be equated to private functions by one without private citizen ?????

    This is a new level of hatred.

  9. the article in itself is malicious as the author Raila uses his own resources while the president uses public funds so we must complain.

  10. joho ndio sponsor.

  11. The mentioned relatives (RAO) are not the only one's who benefited with Foreign post's. They brought in their relatives as maid's, drivers etc. to gain visa's to the countries posted.

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