Why WAIGURU cried like a baby after UHURU visited Kirinyaga - MAGGIE will be happy.

....give Karua a chance to address the crowd means that the President endorsed Martha Karua for the top seat in 2017.

Area leaders present said, Waiguru who was among the crowd was furious after Uhuru gave Karua the microphone to address the crowd.

It was even damaging for Waiguru after Uhuru denied sending anyone to Kirinyaga to represent him.

Waiguru had earlier been criss- crossing the County claiming that Uhuru had endorsed her.

“I haven’t sent anybody to represent me here.”

“I want you to elect leaders of your choice,” said Uhuru.

Waiguru was seen walking out of the meeting confused because she had hoped that Uhuru will endorse her.

Karua and Waiguru are both vying for the Kirinyaga gubernatorial seat in 2017.


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  1. Hugging Martha karua means nothing. Even Judas hugged Jesus to show who was to be crucified.

  2. Waiguru is sinking the whole Jubilee.

    Look at Central Province even if Uhuru offers to build whatever, people are interested in the FIGHT AGAINST CORRUPTION. And that is what Uhuru has failed to deliver. Surrounding himself with the likes of WAIGURU is a kick in the face of Kenyans and these people.

  3. Anyone but waiguru will get my vote - waiguru is but vomiting on the people of kirinyaga

  4. Hugging means nothing.

  5. Seriously speaking the people Kirinyaga are not that stupid.
    You can not relocate a thief from Nairobi to Kirinyaga. The county budget can not accommodate the theft perfected at nys. We shall elect Martha Karua for gvnor. Period.

  6. She can go to baaba for endorsement..... Baaba loves to do that!!!!!

  7. Wee na hizi story zako kama za walevi
    Mbona husemi vile karua alikosa kuongea na ndathi
    Waiguru is the next governor of Kirinyaga

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