ALFRED KETER dumps UHURU/ RUTO and says it is only fools who can stay in Jubilee.

... alleged graft in Government to a cancer eating away the country.

“The other name of Jubilee is corruption and you cannot describe corruption in Kenya without calling it Jubilee.”

“I mean Jubilee and corruption are one and the same,” said Keter.

He urged Kenyans to vote out Uhuru/ Ruto and elect credible leaders who are able to fight corruption.

“We should now be talking about their replacement with someone who will help Kenyans because definitely it’s not Uhuru and Ruto.”

“They have not done anything for this country,” he said.


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  1. Is junet and kingi from jubilee ?

  2. Ati Keter is a "saint" hehehehe......we are not that forgetful. Just the other day he had an altercation with weigh-bridge police. Who is not corrupt? cord? jubilee? i suspect he is losing in Nandi Hills and want to safe-face.

  3. Keter tell us you have sensed tha you won't be reelected come next year due to your questionable loyalty to Jubilee.Come on don't fool people.

  4. You are right Keter! Only 'suckers'will stay in Jubilee.

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