You should first shed off that fat - NYAKUNDI skins Jubilee’s MILLICENT OMANGA alive.

… invaded by hoodrats.

Shit economies like Cameroon, Uganda, Ghana, have very few empowered women. Many are either wives or whores. And that’s where Kenya is headed.

Uhuru has looted this economy so much, that no new meaningful opportunities have been created for women. They are now MPESA beggars. Every man today has a message on their phone from a Kenyan bitch asking for a “favour” in the form of an MPESA.

Yet these same bitches and their mama mboga mothers, will sell their votes to the highest bidder, never mind the fact that the same mama mboga woman has kids she has educated through her nose, with basic education like high-school, and who have no option but become prostitutes.

On the other end, we have working women, corporate managers, etc, who because of inflation, manipulated rent prices, high energy costs, corruption, etc, cannot sustain the livelihoods they accustomed themselves to, during the Kibaki years of prosperity and wealth.
Many of these “corporate” women, have resorted to soft-prostitution, whereby they date older men to supplement extra money so as to fund the habits they acquired when the economy was good. Which means rent in expensive flats, shopping, vehicle repairs, etc.

Our women are slowly being conditioned into believing and accepting prostitution as a way of life, and none of their older mothers can connect the dots of their struggles with bad governance.

When you have graduate-women supplementing their income by spreading their legs to old men (never mind the pain and shame involved), while hairdressers are walking away with billions of looted monies, just know that the economy is headed for a collapse.

It’s high time society shunned mama-mbogas, makanga’s, matatu operators, boda boda riders, car-washers, mechanics and the likes, because they are the cause of the current problems we have in Kenya. They are too dumb to connect the fact that it’s the middle-class that keeps them at work, and instead choose to vote for fuckers like Uhuru, who has single-handedly undermined the middle-class through his failed policies.

Companies are shutting down, down-sizing, relocating, and yet he’s still releasing fake results that the economy is “growing” .


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  1. Nyakundi you have sounded so much confused and whats your problem with prostitution because it has graduated fromhe traditional platform as it was known to everything else ? Political,social economic etc.Wachama na omanga ,ama alikunyima now you are yapping like an idiot? That mama looks the ideal african wife material i cant remove my eyes from her,Dont be silly

  2. the lady looks wonderful. African women were created to be big and they look fantastic. Go and live in America where you claim slimmer or 1 shaped. My dear lady maintain that size I will vote for you provided what is between your ears is perfect.

  3. cyprian nyakundi you are an imbecile! dont think you can go on with this your days as a blogger are numbered


  5. Tell them brother, truth be told,they live in denial

  6. Did you know rogue security officers are itching to get their hands on you?
    Endelea kijana utakujiwa hivi karibuni!

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