When I win in 2017, I’ll charge RUTO with murder & rape! Presidential aspirant says (VIDEO)

Tuesday November 8, 2016 - A vocal Presidential aspirant has said that when he wins the Presidency in 2017, his first job will be to charge Deputy President William Ruto with murder.

In a video that the uploaded on social media , Kenya Red Alliance (KRA) party leader, Martin Ngatia, says that his first job is to charge Ruto over the Kiambaa church killings in 2007 where 39 women and children were burnt to death by Ruto’s goons.

He also said that he will charge Ruto with the death of businessman, Jacob Juma. who was killed in May this year.

Ngatia also....

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  1. and you together with the one who paid you to vomit that hatred will never be president of kenya.kenya will never be led by devil worshippers

  2. Chick You are full of shit and poo!

    Stop blaming the dp for your own people's crime's to rigging election. Take you blames to your native tribesmen/women who've been fucking the economy since independence to date. You guys steal wherever part of the world you are with an in born looting IQs.

    Let me refesh you contentless brain with dead cell of the slogan that the only good mt Kenyan is a dead one: cos, they will never loot and do all the evils that is in the DNA.

    What a useless piece of shit!

    Mr dp, why do you spend your energy of these cursed race!

  3. speak sense. sio matusi.

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