When I win in 2017, I’ll charge RUTO with murder & rape! Presidential aspirant says (VIDEO)

.... advised human rights activist, Boniface Mwangi, to keep his head high and continue fighting for Kenyans’ rights.

He urged Mwangi not to fear Ruto because he is a murderer, a rapist and a land grabber.

Ngatia, who is in exile in Sweden, concluded by saying that Ruto will never be President of Kenya because Kikuyus can never forgive a mass murderer and a criminal.

Here is the video.


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  1. No wonder this idiot is in exile. This is just but bullshit! Kikuyu mingi kwa mdomo. You cannot even express a statement fluently! Mavi ya kuku kabisa.

  2. Come to Kenya and talk like that if you have makende mbili. wacha kuongea ongea kama nugu ukiwa mblali


  4. It is very unfortunate that an individual can utter such an unproven accusations so publicly. I am not defending Ruto in anyway but it is the manner in which the accusations are being made. There is no honor in chest thumping and threats to use presidency to put people to name people publicly and even threaten to jail them even when you have not established the truth through a court process. The video unfortunately portrays the looks of an angry man capable of misusing power if it comes to him.

  5. Leave his comment out by large 99.9% of Kikuyu will not vote for Ruto because of KIAMBA ceansing of MADOADOA...killing one kinsmen and close relative is not easily forgotten just ask Rwanda

  6. This idiot spoke against uhuruto in 2012/13 becoming leaders but didn't stop their win.He is good at chewing the cud of satanic foolishness

  7. Washeni wivu ee nyie makabila Wajinga Kikuyu-thieving Elites are eating Nyama Nyinyi Mutaendelea Kumezea mate mpaka muiname !
    William Ruto Is Finito ! Ruto will not get any Kikuyu Votes!
    Ngatia has 99.9% of becoming Kenya President and fight corruption cancer.

  8. Uhuru Kenyatta/must be having sleepless nights .

  9. mr ngatia, where do you come from? do you have a constituent?

  10. This Cowshit is ODM propagandist.. Ngatia is not a Kikuyu name

  11. where does Ngatia leave the murderers and rapists from his side? Niki wee?

  12. Even his dressing and his journalist interviewer are both arseholes, stupid guy.

  13. When and if he wins.....quite some ambition there for an obviously foolish man, unschooled in the way of politics. The Kikuyu and kalenjins forgave each other long ago and decided to work together to heal the nation and bring development to the country. He can keep dreaming

  14. This Fred Ngatia has to talk to justify being a refugee. He is a coward who is using young a boy Boniface Mwangi to fight the government of the day. If he is a fighter for the oppressed let him come back and fight within. He is talking there to justify his Musungu stinking ass licking shame on you old man, just take a good look at yourself old man.

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