We'll kill you for linking UHURU and NYOKABI to 5 billon scandal - Poachers tell MUCHERE

... said God will protect him despite many threats.

He revealed that being a Kikuyu, he has been branded a CORD coalition mole despite 32 years of civil service but insisted that he has no relationship with any politician in Kenya.

Muchere said what he did is to unearth a scheme where HIV and Cancer patients were robbed of their money by senior Government officials and President Uhuru Kenyatta’s relatives.

He also denied that he was working with Auditor General Edward Ouko to discredit the Jubilee government by exposing corruption scandals.

"I have never met Auditor General Ouko, never have I met any politician, I am a small man and I only do my job" said Muchere.


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  1. If you are a true professional you then know as a member of the GOK Internal Audit Department of the National Treasury, your reporting channel is to the Principal Secretary of your institution. Your report must have been short circuted to end up with the opposition before the client, Ministry of Health had an opportunity to respond to your report. From a quality assurance view point, your report required to subjected to reality and validation check before it can be shared with the client. It's not clear at which stage the report leaked. For you to even accept to talk to the media you send a very mixed signal and worries about your intended objective. How else can we professionals in this field be expected to react?

  2. Muchere needs to be backed by professionals. If the leaked report was a draft then no problem let auditees respond with some decorum. There is no point of responding a leaving more questions. How can you explain a Government paying for an LC facility that they are not party to? Can the Ministry show the LC contract they had with the supplier for the payment of 265m made? Further can they show what is included in a 40 foot container to make it worth 10m instead of showing us photos of containers lying idle? Provide proof of the content in the container that is worth 10m that is lying idle in an NYS yard. We need to get serious in this country and stop bashing a professional doing his work. Public interest must come first. Kudos Internal Auditor Muchere.

  3. Kudos Internal Auditot Muchere. Do your Job!

  4. A mobile clinic in a container is worth more than the 10m you are talking about my friend. I think KENYA has many professional fools

  5. Kikuyus, how long are we gonna stand behind thieves just because they are kikuyus. It comes a time in life when you have to stand for the truth. How is Anne Waiguru behaving like nothing happened. She now want to vie for a Governor seat with all her dirty hands. What happened to conscience that convinced people of their wrongs and stay away from public. Waiguru should be in Jail like yesterday. When will we Kenyans say enough is enough? We keep on fighting and killing each other because so and so said this about Uhuru, Raila, Rutto and others. Where is the Press that will never get tired of calling a spade a spade. Look at Muranga, our water will be siphoned to go to Nairobi, how are we gonna benefit our county? But when some of us speak out, we are in opposition. This is why we will ever be beggers looking over Western countries for loans and donations. We have to grow up and fight for our country, children and our future. Look at Rutto, with all the corruption, he want to be the president 2022. I declare devil is a liar and Rutto will not be our President. Where are the clergies to preach the truth? My goodness, most of them have also been bamboozled by the system. God have mercy on our dear country.

  6. Professionals or tribalist? The media had the report and not the opposition. Stop your ranting.

  7. What are you Smoking.you can't take the report to the suspects.what about cover-up.

  8. This is an amazing Kenya and a true professional this country needs more like him, those who just see things in a tribal angle can not truly appreciate until they are victims of the lack of facilities that will be occasioned by this theft.

  9. Having served for 32 years all he has to his education is a Diploma

  10. I am a professional in this field, my major concern is why the Auditor failed to adhere to the laid down reporting structure plus why release to any authority interim report without qualifying the same as work in progress. Assuming the CS demanded to get the interim report,the Auditor still had the obligation to disclose that the findings were not conclusive and forward for information the same copy to the PS for his information.

  11. Why did the guy not sign his own document?

  12. Container clinic worth shs10m? Can we know the content before we call people professional fools? Itemize as photos of inside container do not show value of that worth. Can we work with data/information and not just figures without back up. MOH cannot provide back up as its all hot air..

  13. Trust me if he followed the protocol, this report would not have seen the light of the day.

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