Wacha kucheza na bibi kwa kitanda; zalisha yeye - FLORENCE tells handsome Buuri MP

... again because one child is not enough.

Kajuju assured Gatobu that she will even help him feed the kids if he will feel overwhelmed.

Wacha kucheza na bibi; zalisha yeye.”

“It is time for you to fill the earth with babies as one is not enough.”
“You must work hard to get others because God says you must fill the earth and we will help you bring them up even if they are 10 kids,” said Kajuju.

Gatobu married Carol Nkirote in 2014 at the age of 27 shortly after being elected MP in 2013 in a colorful wedding that was attended by among others President Uhuru Kenyatta.


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  1. Idle leadership.

  2. What a stupid woman. See what we have for leaders?

  3. Is this a leader speaking?
    What business do u have with someone's bedroom affairs.
    Jealous of the wife indeed.

  4. why not be his second wife and breed like rats.

  5. How many children does Kajuju have? More than ten?

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