UHURU’s sister, NYOKABI, has hidden stolen billions in Panama - God save us from her.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016 - A company associated with President Uhuru Kenyatta’s sister, Anne Nyokabi, is among Kenyan firms that have stashed billions in Panama.

Sundales Company which is co-owned by Nyokabi and her cousin, Kathleen Kihanya, is said to have hidden billions of shillings in Panama.

Sundales is a company that is linked to the looting of Sh 5 billion from the Health Ministry.

But on Saturday, Kihanya denied that the company has accounts in Panama and said those behind the rumour should stop.

She also castigated CORD leader, Raila Odinga, for linking Uhuru Kenyatta’s family to the scandal saying Raila should stop politicizing it.

Panama is a Caribbean Island that is a safe haven for money launderers and a distribution center for drugs. Purveyors of online p0rn0graphy even hold their annual conference there.  


  1. Give evidence please.

  2. Crazy journalism and useless foreskins whistling

  3. wacha udaku bila evidence

  4. Useless.That will not make raiaa president.Bure kabisaa.

  5. Have always supported Uhuru but now I am really disappointed. How dare he condemn corruption while his sister is stealing from the sick. I dont care about the audit report cos he should not bring his relatives to do business with government. No vote for him . I would rather stay home if there is no better candiddate.

  6. Seriously why are these people stealing. They have more than enough money. To make the matter worse they are stealing money meant for HIV, cancer & pregnant women

  7. Bwana Editor - Correction: Panama is not a Caribbean island. It is the country on mainland America that joins North America to South America - It would be better to call it a central America country because that is what it is. Find out why there is a Panama canal. Why do we need a canal on an island?

  8. Anonymous 03.47 This has nothing to do with foreskin., Corruption affects bothw foreskin and the ones without foreskin. Iam a kikuyu but it seems like kikuyus cannot have any mature aguments despite not having foreskin. Do not be sychophants. When Uhuru sister steals what is your benefit?

  9. The U.S.A. is the core of filth and Rot, the epic Centre of Pornography! Not Panama.
    Panama, is a Central American Country.It is an Ismus, Not an Island!

  10. What is wrong with Kenyatta family, stealing is in their blood.

  11. You gotta love DP after reading the last line. Ha Ha Ha

  12. For God's sake let us all support William Ruto for presidency come 2022; for,indeed,corruption will be a thing of the past - it will be wiped out completely.

  13. these are are supposed to marginalized and disadvantaged.My foot!

  14. ANON 10.00 Which country do you live? ruto was yk 92 and has been embroiled in scandal after scandal.lets leave tribe out be objective on serious national matters.

  15. Panama is not an Island.

  16. Shamba la waiziii.....peeeeeeeewwwwwwwww

  17. U mean rao does not have relatives who work in the government,,,failure to that the photo u c kwa noti ya Thai belong to their dad ,,sasa wewe na uforeskin wako ulianza na fame

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