UHURU’s nephew (BETH MUGO’s son) linked to 300 million heist from the Ministry of Health

... defiled Kenya’s economy without mercy.

Nominated Senator, Beth Mugo’s son, Murugi Mugo, has been linked to another Sh 300 million scandal at the Ministry of Health.

According to credible sources, Murugu used ghost companies to loot Sh 300 million from the Government.

Among the firms that were used by Murugu for fraudulent deals were Silken Ltd, Spring Line Agencies and Sardine Merchants.

Mugo’s son purported to deliver reagents to the National Quality Control Laboratory (NQLC) but his mission was to loot money without delivering anything.

Beth Mugo is a first cousin to President Uhuru Kenyatta.


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  1. Jubilee this is too much. We want change.this corruption is too much when the common mwananchi is suffering

  2. Proof admin proof wacheni ufala juu mumachukia wa kikuyu

  3. What is wrong with Kenyatta family, are they suffering with colonic corruption disease?

  4. There's nothing wrong with any of the Uhuru's relatives doing business with the government, but the business executed must be above board. When money is paid against no delivery done, that's corruption period. Corruption is corruption whether orchestrated by a stranger or a relative.I ask those who contribute in this forum to put partisan politics aside and address issues as they are. We are all Kenyans and it's our collective responsibility to foster mutual understanding and respect to the rule of law.Negative ethnicity will never nature development and cohesion.

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