UHURU/ RUTO have tapped my phone and are listening to my calls - RAILA ODINGA claims.

... listening to my phone calls and they heard me talk with somebody this morning.”

“The President’s statement to pre-empt my statement is unfortunate,” Raila said.

Raila said Jubilee has devised a strategy to brand him a propagandist, intimidate, blackmail and silence the opposition from criticizing the Government.

“I am not a Government employee to be silenced.”

“I will continue to speak about the ills of Jubilee objectively because that is my role.”

“Where the Government has performed well, I will give credit and where is erring, I will point out,” said Raila.


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  1. When did you give credit?

  2. I have never had Raila give credit to the government on anything. Itafika mahali tufikiri its not critism anymore but witch hunt and Propaganda.

  3. Use one week to give crédit and we shall uphold your patriotism. Anyway for now you are threat to peace & security as you have radicalized your followers through anti-government propaganda in power game

  4. Robert Godec, the US ambassador,has pointed out that lots of money have been stolen in Kisumu County - why is the old man mum about it. A case of double standards?

  5. i think something is very wrong with this particular elder fullstop!!!

  6. Poleni sana when stollen MONEY is headed towards one destination of the country. Call that double standards and witch hunt.

  7. 2015, "Yule jamaa wa kitendawili anazunguka akisema pesa imepotea NYS.He is jealous of government progress. We are not going to be told who to employ and who not to employ." Deputy President hitting out at Raila Odinga when Raila called for Waiguru's resignation.

    2016, "Wewe kama umeiba pesa ya serikali, utakiona chamtemakuni. You cannot steal public money and you start cat walking on us na kizungu mwingi. Wacha kuwekelea watu maneno ambayo sio ukweli. Juzi mliskia mwenye hii pesa alisema alibeba millioni sijui ngapi kwa magunia."

    My question is very simple, if Raila was wrong, then why did Waiguru leave office and why is Ruto acknowledging corruption at NYS now. This is coming a little too late. I will not be surprised when this MoH 5 Billion heist is very very very true and Ruto and Kenyatta will be the ones to admit.

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