UHURU/ RUTO are going home as RAILA undergoes a blessing ritual in Nigeria (PHOTOs)

.. misapprehended as impious.

In the ceremony, Raila broke Kola nuts together with his host, His Royal Highness Obi Dr. Gibson Nwosu, to request Igbo gods to bless his ambitions and bring unity in the country.

“Whatever good he is looking for, he will see it,” said His Royal Highness Obi Dr. Gibson Nwosu, who was in charge of the ceremony.

Here are the photos from the ceremony.

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  1. We believe in the living God and power had ever empowered Him.

  2. Ha vent you seen a person breaking nuts, even coconut is bigger and i break then always. is that witchcraft. you are a faggot.

  3. We don't believe in witchcraft. Shindwe kabisa Pepo Nyeusi.

  4. Wacha arundi kijana wake mwingine akufe, chasing a failed dream. Nugu mzee

  5. This is purely witchcraft. I used to hear people talking about Raila going for this evil thing in Nigeria. I have now seen the photos myself. Kumbe it is REAL. I hope he is not sacrificing any more of his few left children. SHINDWE KABISA !

  6. ubaya anaotazamia kufanya kwaajili ya kenya umurudie mwenyewe in Jesus name

  7. It's not the first time to go for juju but all the many times we know about, the juju believer has failed to clinch the top job. What does this tell us? God is the only solution and because of showing God he is not a faithful God, the outcome of the 2017 elections is up on the glass wall but he can't read it because it's legible to those who believe and have faith in Him.

  8. Who is the spiritual advisor of this old man? I thought it was Dr Owuor of Holiness and Repentance - where is he?

  9. Pepo mbaya shetani ashidwe GOD will never allow this devil worshiper to rule Kenya,thaai, thaai ngoma yeye

  10. our living God will fight for his ppl. let us see who will win

  11. If it is the witch doctor he could have won the race long time ago but because its God in control he will be the loser through out his life time.Ten commandment worship no other God except me.Our God is at in heaven not in Nigeria.

  12. uchawi ashindwe kabisa

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