UHURU in panic mode as NIS warns him that he may lose 2017 elections to RAILA’s NASA

... growing apathy among Jubilee supporters over corruption and he has lost popularity in both Central and Rift Valley regions which are considered Jubilee strongholds.

The NIS also told Uhuru that the formation of the National Super Alliance by ANC party leader, Musalia Mudavadi, and Raila Odinga will be a game changer because many Kenyans want change due to corruption by the Jubilee Government.

But Leader of Majority in Parliament, Aden Duale, said that Jubilee is aware of voter apathy in Jubilee strongholds and they are doing everything to convince the electorate that elected them in 2013 to wake up again at 4am and vote in Jubilee in 2017 with the same enthusiasm.

“We are not leaving anything to chance.”

“There are reports of growing apathy among Jubilee supporters and we must uproot this before elections,” Duale said.


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  1. UK must let go a number of his corrupt friends, else he makes history as a first term prezo world over

  2. Duale is a thief.I will never vote jubilee again

  3. I'm a jp damu, but aaaaaai, hii wizi aaaai, no!!!!!

  4. You're not serious Duale!!Another 5yrs of looting? Must be joking!

  5. JP can consult me for advice. My number is 071x xx9 xx7.

  6. prezzo to sack his DP as a way of showing steadfastness on fighting corupon then he restore faith for kenyans to re elect him.

  7. Kenyans are tired with current looting spree of government resources by senior government officials,we cannot afford another five years of looting.

  8. you cant just say duale is a thief without substantiating unless you are a cord sycophant. however the truth on the ground is that most kenyans are dissapointed with uhuru on corruption, high cost of living.

  9. Duale will not even be in jubilee by the time we go for election. Watch this space.

  10. the people called him murderer among other names and the same people elected him to power so God knows better about 2017.we only pray for peace to prevail come that day.the roots of corruption are well known to Raila and the previous gvt where he enjoyed power without calling whistle blowers .Uhuruto are dealing with grown trees with fruits.

  11. Two wrongs never make a right, therefore, for you to say that Rails knows the roots of these corruption's just because he was in the previous government is a lie. We are looking up to the government in power now, but they are now looting with gunny bags more than the previous governments. We must not support the rotnin this government just because the previous ones also did it. That is a reasoning of a fool. Wake up kenyanis going to the dogs and the only way to save it is to vote in an altetnative government no matter what. Don't be fooled by tribalism.


  13. Uhuru ni kiongozi mzuri, ubaya ni kuwa wale wanaomzunguka ni wezi sugu. How can a person rise from a chicken seller to be a billionaire within 4yrs? na huyu mtu hana hata industry ya kutengeza sweets mie nashangaa sana, kwani yeye anapata mshahara mwingi kuliko raisi? sisi tunasikia alienda sijui wapi akatoa milioni saba, kumi, tatu, nne anatoa wapi? hata former president Moi & Kibaki hawajawai toa kiasi kama hicho.

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