UHURU & his men are running out of ideas! They want an apology from NMG for unmasking scandal

Wednesday November 2, 2016 - President Uhuru Kenyatta’s administration has made another major political blunder by demanding an apology from Nation Media Group for telling Kenyans how the Sh 5 .2 billion was looted from the Health Ministry.

The Sh 5.2 billion was looted by Uhuru and his family members through manipulating the Integrated Financial Management Information System (IFMIS) and payment of goods that were never delivered to the ministry.

In a letter to the Nation Media Group, Uhuru’s administration through the Ministry of Information and Communication and Technology accused NMG of bias and defaming his family’s name.

The administration copied the letter to the Media Council of Kenya where they accused NMG of skewed reporting in the Sh 5.2 billion Mafia House Scandal.

The corrupt administration also demanded an apology from NMG for reporting the Sh 5 .2 billion 'Mafia House' Scandal and calling Uhuru and his family, Majambazi (thugs).

Here is a copy of the Government letter to NMG.

  1. They have enough money. Why are they stealing more to pile money on top of other money.

  2. Jubilee must go home before 2017

  3. How did you get to this?? Why are their no prosecutions stupid Kenyans as usual who do not read and do research??Why are you giving us half baked information admin, nobody likes the present regime but give us facts nyani nyinyi

  4. Have never had of a President who asks the people "Now what do you want me to do?" Government that is run by president relatives and friends who can even loot money meant for drugs especially for mothers and children.May the Governments in the overseas where they take our looted money help return our money back!

  5. This amount to gagging of the media and may the gvt.rectify the mistakerather than chase the media,by the way was the above letter proof read

  6. NMG is a dying giant. Under these stupid editors, the shareprice has fallen from Sh320 to Sh102 today. By December it will be dealing below Sh100. By mid next year, NMG shares will be worth Sh50.

    For investors, this is a disaster taking place before their very eyes.

    This gang killed Weekly Review. Their ineptitude later killed Kenya Times. And now they are killing the biggest media company in East and Central Africa.

    By end of 2017 NMG will be another KQ, Uchumi Supermarkets and Mumias Sugar. Good luck boys. Have fun!

  7. To shore up falling sales(circulation) NMG has turned the heat on vendors. NMG will not accept any returns from them. They must sell every copy they get from the media company.

    They can only return one unsold copy out of every 20 sold. If they do, then NMG recovers the money from the vendor's earnings. Lets see how far this will take the giant media company.

  8. Its true jubilee watu wamechoka had I the government parrot duale is quiet at a yeye ameona niujinga scandal after scandal

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