UHURU finally responds to RAILA for linking his sister and cousin to the sh5 billion scandal

Thursday November 3, 2016 - President Uhuru Kenyatta finally broke his silence over the massive corruption in Jubilee Government some of which has roped in members of his family.

Speaking in Sigor, West Pokot County, Uhuru attacked former Prime Minister Raila Odinga, accusing him of waging a propaganda war against his Government for political expediency.

He also accused Raila of unfairly targeting his family by linking his sister, Nyokabi Muthama, and cousin, Kathleen Kihanya, to the theft of sh5 billion at Afya House.

Uhuru enumerated the development projects undertaken by his Government and questioned Raila’s development track record when he was in Government.

“Those who wake up and create lies about us are merely seeking popularity and don’t have the people’s interest at heart. I don’t want to mention them but they are known as Lords of Poverty. Their interest is just to be cheered during rallies but when you give them responsibility, they don’t deliver,” Uhuru said angrily.


  1. Prove it Mr President

  2. Hey it is not raila who created thing it was an expose by nTV and a goverment auditor did his maths and the math did not tally and why then did muraguli threaten journalist and buy all copies of the expose lakini "nifanye nini" be in the forefront like u fought illegal brews and pombe haramu

  3. Mr President, its true money was stolen at NYS to the tune of 1.6 billion. The investigations going on are not to find out if money was stolen or not. IT is to find out how and who was responsible in stealing. THe mafia house ascertained that not 5 billion was stolen but 3 billion was. IF you say some people wake up and propagate lies that money was stolen, this shows how you have lost the stewardship of the vessel and we are actually on autopilot. We as wananchi are still waiting to absorb how the Eurobond saga went. THere is the SGR saga which is pushed noth and south then East. All is not clear at all MMister President. Saying what you said is just saying we should keep quiet and take what comes. Thats not how we want it to be. Ask the people who are mentioned in the theft to resign and wait for investigations to be conducted. Period. That's what we want not saying you dont know what to do!

  4. Mr. President. I voted for you in 2013 and have had faith in you all along. Unfortunately our faith and trust in you is thinning out. Vote for you again? Not in this lifetime...

  5. Keep ur vote is ur full tym right but be assured Uhuruto will win again...for we are never carried away cheap propaganda

  6. Well, you need to be sober to realize somethings otherwise, you may never.

  7. Looters pls have mercy for our Beloved Country, we the real hustlers we are suffering a lot . 1kg of Sugar at 140/00??? Think of that old mother who cannot even afford 1/4kg. The country has big donor borrowing.it is the common wmanaich whos feeling the real pain.

  8. Usingizi ya Makaburi inachanganya

  9. Dont play politics in such sensitive issues. Kenyans need the truth and only investigation and facts can prove. Kenya would be very far if it was not for the individuals who steal from public coffers without shame and mercy. Very embarrassing.

  10. Both the two gentlemen don't have kenyans at their heart let them go home pliiiiiiiiz

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