UHURU, don’t ever mention my name again, I’m not your age mate or your son; I’m Kenya’s TRUMP

... good leadership and not statements used by colonialists to blackmail Kenyans," Odinga stated.

The former PM compared himself to US President-elect, Donald Trump, who is exactly his age saying if Trump made it in the US, he should be given a chance here in Kenya.

He also wondered why Uhuru did not tell Trump to retire from politics now that he is old, warning him to give him the respect he deserves.

The President had on Monday told Raila to retire from politics and go back to Bondo due to his advanced.

He also offered to take uji to baba in Bondo if he quits.


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  1. Trump is not a Foreskin

  2. Trump wont leave New York with Flying Toilets like Raila left Kibera, why compare CV for Raila vs Trump

  3. RAO, give us a break. If Prezzo is not your age mate, why keep on mentioning his name. Grow up. If you so wish you can relocate to US since all you say relates to US. There is a big difference between US and Kenya even the names are if you have to be told.

  4. Raila which is your RIKA or age group.? If you do not want your name to be mentioned act on Junet. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha. You are in the cycle.

  5. true Mr President dont waste your time with Rao!

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