This is what KDF commandos and brigadiers have said about RAILA ODINGA! This is bad!

... earned allowances and field experience from missions abroad.

However, senior KDF officials have condemned Raila accusing him of being a master of double speak who always makes populist announcements without caring about the lives of KDF officers and their families.

They said it is surprising that Raila calls for the withdrawal of KDF forces from Somalia and opposes the withdrawal of Kenya’s forces from South Sudan.

“Both S. Sudan and Somalia are war zones and it is absurd for Raila to call for withdrawal in one area.”

“He should not interfere with military affairs,” a senior officer based at DoD in Nairobi said.


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  1. Well spoken to you Mr. Raila.Keep off wait for your turn if one day you ever become the president then you have the duty to command but for now wewe ni raiya kama sisi.I mean a common mwananchi.

  2. The president can't wake up only to tell the soldiers to pull out Sudan, their must hv intelligence report,Rao nyamaza

  3. His interest one media coverage for political benefits period!!!!! and it changes depending on which side coin suit him.

  4. KDF ua being paid for what?or quit,

  5. Fanyeni Kazi. KDF should never celebrate for withdrawal. Anarchy in Sudan means lack of peace in kakuma.Kenya next move is... We are closing Kakuma refugee camp....just as they never received support from UN on somolia they closed daadam. UN should be able to see Ugali spit a miles away.

  6. Kenya sio ya mama zenu corrupt KDF plus the commander.

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