System ya majambazi! KBC sacks anchor because of UHURU after 5b scandal - See his crime

Wednesday November 2, 2016 - Renowned KBC news anchor, Roncliffe Odit, was sacked last night over demeaning comments he made about President Uhuru Kenyatta following the many corruption scandals that have rocked the Jubilee administration with the current one being the sh5 billion health scandal which has implicated the President’s family.

Odit was sent to cover the press conference by activist Boniface Mwangi about the planned demonstrations over corruption, filed the report which he also voiced but he failed to edit a certain part where Boniface Mwangi called President Uhuru Kenyatta ‘commander-in-thief’ and allowed the clip to be aired as it was, as well as uploaded it on social media.

“We are calling for this protest, and we are calling all Kenyans to join us on Thursday because it’s important that we stand up about corruption and say enough is enough.

The President said that he doesn’t know what to do about corruption. So on Thursday we are going to present him a demand list with what he can be able to do about corruption. He’s slowly becoming commander-in-thief instead of commander-in-chief.

So it is in our own interest as a country to stop the looting of public resources by telling the President what he can do as legally mandated. However, we have a big message; if he’s unable to do his work, if he thinks that he is helpless, incompetent and cannot do his job, we are asking him to resign.

So on Thursday we have a demand list for the President, and telling him legally thing he can be able to do. But if he is unable to do those things, he can actually save this country the theft, the loss of money, the embarrassment and just resign,” Mwangi said in the clip.

Sources have intimated that after the clip was aired, Odit was called immediately to the office of the Editor in Chief who told him to go home without any explanation and that the suspension letter was to be sent to him later.

Te clip has since been pulled down from the internet.


  1. pliz raila employ him ..for he is jobless


  3. akili nyingi huondoa maarifa.the president is not omnipresent/genius or perfect god neither is he incompetent and all that but to be honest he has made quite an effort, given that this menace was started before the new constitution by some of the same people who are now pointing fingers all over.Mr boni boni and the team there's nothing new you are saying or doing.the problem is not with the president but kenyans who love shortcuts.if you work right they accuse you of dictatorship.remember how they frustrated MR PLO LUMUMBA?

  4. I understood the President to be asking what else his people need as he has provided it all. i.e. EACC, CJ, Police investigations e.t.c. and yet they are failing him. It was rhetoric people! However, civil society and opposition will take him on this one as a failure but he clearly knew what he was saying. Let's see what happens with the corruption cases already mentioned!!

  5. Why werent they complaining during the Moi era and there was corruption.Raiaa will never be president at all.

  6. ANON 2:25 you ask well,bila kumtetea Mr Kenyatta has a heart for people in all social status and age coz he wishes to see them start somewhere and grow.but the same people to whom he delegates responsibilities misuse the platforms he lays and the opportunities he has created to betray his efforts then accuse him of failure. It takes a man with Godly heart of endurance to lead Kenyans.

  7. president uhuru, sack all corrupt leaders, auditors who are paid by odm like ouko, who publish maliciously,

  8. So because people stole during Moi's time, we should keep quiet? What a way to reason.

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