Stop bootlicking UHURU KENYATTA’s shoes - Presidential aspirant tells KIKUYUs (VIDEO)

.. wake up and vote Uhuru Kenyatta out of power in August 2017. 

He says that Uhuru is presiding over a corrupt Government that is unfit to lead.

He likens Uhuru’s regime to that of his father, Jomo Kenyatta, who, he says, used to transport changaa and boza (cannabis) using police cars and ambulances flashing sirens as they speeded away in the streets.

Here is the video….


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  1. Devil on the cross, who asked for ua advice to kikuyus.

  2. But Mr Ngatia, you are shouting and dangling your testicles from Sweden. Come to Kenya and try and chat the same shit kama wewe ni mwanaume.
    Secondly you are telling Kikuyus to vote Uhuru out come 2017 but you are not telling Kikuyus that your preferred candidate is Raila Odinga. please confirm to Kenya that your candidate is raila odinga.

  3. This man looks completely drunk. Intoxicated with assortment of narcotics

  4. Matako ya nyani ,why not come Kenya and give us your good history,wasimu sokoni wewe

  5. Coward madman come back kenya and give us your history,matako ya nyani,

  6. My sympathies towards you Mr Ngatia. The major work you need to do Ngatia is fixing yourself. It is evident you are in pieces.You are spiting nothing but tribalism-about Kikuyu Kikuyu. This country belons to all, not just the Kikuyus you are addressing imagining their vote would shift towards you. Try vying and rest assured you will gain one vote only. I do not see any sane voter giving their vote to this venom spiting, bitter immigrant.You have unresolved matters within yourself sir.

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