SHEBESH/ LABOSO beaten & chased away for marketing UHURU! Jubilee Prados stoned

... were demonstrating against high level of corruption within Jubilee and carrying placards, chased the Jubilee lawmakers away from Adungosi like stray dogs and pelted stones at their cars, forcing the coward Shebesh and her friends to abort the meeting they had planned.

At first, they had blocked the road with an intention of teaching the Jubilee ladies a lesson before the police officers intervened and cleared the road for Shebesh and her team.

The demonstrators asserted that Busia was an ODM stronghold and that Raila Odinga was their man and warned Jubilee leaders never to set foot there with their looting tendencies.

“They come here with branded cars acquired using looted money yet we the citizens are suffering,” said one of the protesters.

Watch the video below

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  1. Chase the thieves away kabisa

  2. UHURUTO TENNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.raiaa will never be president no matter how hard he tries.he is a born failure.

  3. the incident shows what Kenyans think of the current government.

  4. True reflection of fools, while their governor is sleeping around Nairobi with all the short skirted women. Wajinga wakufa kifo pompo pomp

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