SAVULA insults KIKUYUs, including UHURU, after joining Jubilee! They are useless in bed

Friday November 4, 2016 - Lugari Member of Parliament, Ayub Savula, has praised Luhya men for their exemplary performance in bed and challenged their counterparts from Central Kenya to borrow a leaf.

Speaking in Navakholo at a funds drive, Savula congratulated men from Western Kenya for sleeping in bed with their spouses and servicing them properly, unlike Kikuyu men who sleep under the bed because they cannot perform or rise to the occasion.

He blamed alcohol for.....

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  1. Infact Luhyas go an extra mile and fuck hens

  2. Suvula how did you know about the performance of these men. Ate you a homosexual

  3. And yet Kikuyu are the most numerous after 55 years of independence.So much for the so called Luhya"prowess".

  4. Only useless men fuck hens...Luhyas they know where to find pleasure that's why they give us ladies the best service ever. Anon 11:42 if you find pleasure in hens well & good...The spoilt the names of great sex maniacs in the country

  5. Other tribes beware, if a luhya guy grabs your wife it's over. She wouldn't love you again

  6. The ugly idiots only think of fucking and eating.what sivula didn't say is they they are also good gays who give their arseholes for ugali.

  7. Its true luhya men have propeller ask the Asia girl who ran way to a Bhukusu man, when did this happen to Okuyus, that populatio of kikuyus has children sired by luos and luhyas then filthy curse daughters of goddes mumbi ran away with our children then after five years they hate Raila..Mutahi Ngunyi is a luo by biologically and Jomo Kenyatta is Digo from Kenya/ Tanzania coast. Now Kikyuys are persishing like cockroaches by HIV, Alcholo, Bullets (Thieves) and on the other corner Mighty Al Shabaab are cleansing them....come 2030 no more kikuyus as nursery school are being closed...useless thievs and cow fuckers and granny rappists.CURSED TRIBE

  8. Anon 0023 na wenye tuliona kwa news ameshikwa akitomba mbuzi na ati hio kutomba mbuzi ndoo speciality yake.Mchana ni boda boda usiku ni mtombaji kondoo na mbuzi.Bahahahahaha!

  9. Anon 11;42 sorry for my outburst and rage

  10. Anon 0635 nyonya mkundu yako shenzi type.

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