SAVULA insults KIKUYUs, including UHURU, after joining Jubilee! They are useless in bed

.... rendering Kikuyu men useless in bed and urged them to use mugombera, which is the African version of v!@gr@, at least, to make their women happy in bed.

Savula, who recently joined Jubilee, noted that as a result of able men and good performance in bed, Luhya community is the most populous as per the 2009 census.

“Men from Central sleep under the bed leaving their lonely wives in bed because they are ever drunk.”

“We Luhya men sleep in bed with our wives and that’s why we are the most populous community in Kenya as per the 2009 population census,” said Savula.


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  1. Luhyas go an extra mile in bed and fuck hens

  2. Watchmen and cooks think about x only

  3. this sivula must be a jilted gay who fell out wit a kikuyu man.he needs to be screwed

  4. Kikuyus cant satisfy women,even their women know

  5. Savula what you said is an insult to us luhyas. Instead of mobising the populous luhya community to vote as a bloc and elect one of our own as President you are wasting our time discussing sex in public meetings. Do you really have children? You are very useless, and shame on you.

  6. Am from Central, & i attest Luhya men especially from Bungoma are the best. Ukitaka kunyanduliwa best kama we ni dem...tafuta kina Simiyu, Wafula, Wanyama, Mugubietc

  7. Kweli wanajua kunyanduwana. wako juu tu sana kama mfuko wa shati

  8. Luhyas Vs Luos. Luos offer better treatment to ladies but in sex luhyas kudos

  9. Luhyas Vs Luos. Luos offer better treatment to ladies but in sex luhyas kudos

  10. Is that an achievement that one can be proud of? BURE KABISA! No wonder there are so many malnourished Luhya children scattered all over; because of their hot pants - both Luhya men and women.

  11. i wd rather not be good in bed than be HIV positive or live my whole life as a watchman just to be praised of being a sex maniac.thats so stupid of those ugly baboons.

  12. whats the use of being a sex maniac and die of aids at 25?

  13. Wanapenda hiyo kitu kuliko uji

  14. Kikuyu hawananga kakitu

  15. anon 11:43 sorry for My hate

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