RUTO’s lawyer meets WAIGURU at her house after she linked his office to the NYS looting?

... Excellency Anne Waiguru invited me to join a small select group of friends to present her vision of Kirinyaga County.”

“Am humbled to call her my friend,” Kipkorir stated.

Kipkorir, who had criticized Waiguru earlier because of the NYS scandal, defended her, saying she was innocent of the crime.

“For long, I behaved to her, like those Pharisees who brought that woman to Jesus accusing her of prostitution without bringing the men she slept with.”

“In life, we all enjoy accusing without evidence, but the truth sets all free,” said Kipkorir.

“After getting to know Anne, I walked away from the mob that wants to stone her,” he added.


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  1. Ehe! No doubt Waiguru is smart and canning. The PAC chaps had a rough time to pin her down even as Mbadi tried all his accountancy tricks in the BCom & CPA books he has read. He intruded PAC as a friend of Electric Gumbo via the ODM wiring. The fool in Boshire was badly exposed as he tried to project a hidden wit and character of a wise one. Warse still was the small Keggar emotiomal verbatic dihorea saying too many words that meant nothing. Then came that Kaleo clark once in the stores of the treasury where only files are kept trying to bring his tiny wit in eclectronic bookkeeping by applying filekeeping practice only to hit a rocky bumpy rough sea in Kaptaptek. What a disaster!

  2. Yes,honestly madam Waiguru out-witted the PAC members. Even the intelligent lawyer from Nyanza hit the brick wall albeit trying so much. The good lady has perfected the art of elusiveness. I would rather they left her alone - she is smart.

  3. Amerambishwa...pesa za WIZI.....RUTO KWISHA...but pride comes before fall

  4. RAILA 2017 ndani ya state house....this GoK is full of looters and thieves...Lord have Mercy....we are perishing because of knowledge deficiency...Waiguru and her entire generation is Kenyan people cry for their right plus those who dine with her let them be cursed because they are supporting a thief

  5. as always, single women are smart and not the married ones who are locked in the kitchen during the day and wait for the night to be fucked by their dayfucking husbands only to realize that the propeller isnt feeling any shock upon her fucked pussy by the shamba boy and gateman during the day.

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