RUTO reveals why KDF can’t allow RAILA to be their Commander in Chief even if he wins

Wednesday November 16, 2016 - The war of words between Deputy President William Ruto and former Prime Minister, Raila Odinga, over President Uhuru Kenyatta’s decision to withdraw Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) from the UN peace mission in the war-torn South Sudan following the sacking of a Kenyan General for gross misconduct has reached fever pitch, with the DP now saying that the former PM cannot be the Commander-In-Chief (C-In-C)

Speaking at a ceremony to burn illegal guns in Kajiado yesterday, Ruto accused Raila Odinga of lacking respect for Kenyan soldiers, which is why they can’t allow him to be their C-In-C.

The DP further accused Raila of....

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  1. We Kenyans can't allow RUTO to be the commander in chief, big thieve

  2. If this is indeed true then Kenya is divided. Ruto should remember that not only Kales and kikuyus are in KDF. Only the Kales and Kikuyus maybe. By the way even the Kikuyus and Kales are dead tired with only a few growing bellies by eating nyama while they go hungry.

  3. Man you are so empty faculty wise.

    Talk about development than all the time Hon. Raila.

    If at all your looters of a regime had any development record, you should be very busy developing the nation. But since it's zero: hence Rao all the time.

    Kweli ujinga auna faida lolote madarakani. Ila kasumba ya kujipiga kifua tu!

  4. Ruto never and will never think twice before talking.NONSENSE and USELESS

  5. As if u ll be. Iba kabisa

  6. U hv Easton, Weston nyakua kabisa an put up southton an Northton an if possible centralton

  7. As if u ll be. Iba kabisa

  8. Ata Nduale has reduced his ngefngef not expected frm a PhD student ata Sonko has improved

  9. KDF does not choose their Commander in Kenya. DP Ruto can't speak for KDF.He knows Kenyans are tired of his theft. He now wants to shelter in KDF.Shindwe!!.

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