RUTO reveals why KDF can’t allow RAILA to be their Commander in Chief even if he wins

... politicizing the move to pull KDF from South Sudan but warned him to keep off military matters.

“They should respect our security officers.”

“Our officers are not on vacation in South Sudan.”

“They are not their on monetary gains.”

“They are there for life and death.”

“These people (CORD) are used to talk about things such as Eurobond and others, they should continue with that but leave our officers who put their lives danger every day,” said Ruto.

“The decision that a President, who is the Commander-In-Chief, makes is not a small matter.”

“Whatever the decision he makes is considered and processed appropriately.”

“Let us not introduce partisan parochial political games into the management of our security agencies,” he added.


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  1. Yes Sir but could you also address matters corruption please! Very important as well

  2. 100% agree with the DP on this.

  3. Anon 03:26 Even Raila is not only corrupt but Radically corrupt at the expense of Flying Toilets

  4. Raila stop talking about the army we have C.I.C funga hiyo ndomo mafi

  5. Umehepa meetings on corruption statehouse an no single day u ll talk against the vice limbs Raila frm morning till Jioni ata kwa ndoto.give us a break bwana DP

  6. Stupid, Are you insinuating that there should be a military coup if the people choose Raila? Its the people who choose who their president will be and the army work with the person we have chosen. Ruto DP kindly go back to study your democracy. We do not want a military state.

  7. Mr Arap Mashamba, Hague is no more. Every time Raila, Raila, Raila. This time around, it's the opposite, you mention Raila kura sake zinaongezeka. Address corruption and the may issue. Sisi wakale we want to hear about TJRC. Mashamba yetu uko wapi. You ran away during Ole Ntimamas funeral since you were used to abusing him. These election is about a revolt. With or without the military, the peoples president shall be installed. You have failed so miserably in Kisii and Luhyialands, even in Rift Valley you loosing it. Appease you masters from central by singing Raila all the time since that's music to their ears.

  8. Now between Raila and Dp Ruto, who is politicizing the military? Some one tell Ruto that the military has no say as to who is to be their C in C. Its the electorate.

  9. Ruto thinks by mimicking the president by burning contraband fire arms he now has aright to tell us on matters to do with commander in chief. He's so naive and let it remain his pipe dream. You will never ever become cc.

  10. A Thief who this he is God,and what is Raila wins si utakufa stupid kale.

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