RUTO is fooling Kenyans that he was beaten! He fell after his hooligans were overpowered.

... specialized treatment claimed that police lobbed teargas directly at his face after his youths clashed with those of Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, Joyce Laboso at Silbwet.

“Teargas canister is fired and it bursts on your face…it will cause a lot of damage, whether it explodes or not,” said the Lebarmarai said.

Lebarmarai’s sentiments were echoed by police spokesman, Charles Owino, who said Ruto is pretending that he was beaten by police and he is seeking sympathy votes since he has realized that he has lost his seat ahead of 2017.

“He was pretending that he was sick after stage managing everything on Sunday,” Owino said.


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  1. I concur with the sentiments from both Owino and lambaramai ,he's seeking sympathy votes from an already too enlightened voters who can see through his cheap stunts

  2. Cleverly applied makeup.

  3. ok he gets his whipped at bomet and want to come to nairobi for medical assistance. My question is what have you done to upgrade the hospitals in your county of bomet Mr Ruto. KULA CANISTER

  4. ordinary Kenyans experience this every time politicians hold political demos in the streets for their political gains.they get clobbered and all that.who cares whether they get injured or, whether they get treated .is his case too fragile to be treated by kenyan doctors who recently separated the sensitive twins?... equip the hospitals for the sake of political accident victims (the common mwananchi)too who cannot afford big hospitals but pays tax no matter how little for your earnings.

  5. Kweli Karisa.hakule Karisa mpaka ajue kupronounce Jubilee sii chupilee

  6. @2358 well spoken

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