RUTO is behind my beating by the police yesterday in Bomet – Jubilee Governor says.

...Jubilee supporter.

“It was the DP who ordered police to beat me because I am not a Jubilee supporter,” the Governor said.

He also said Ruto has ordered police in Bomet to arrest anyone who is opposing Jubilee in the region.

“He has instructed police officers to arrest anyone who is not supporting Jubilee,” Ruto said.

CORD leader, Raila Odinga, and Baringo Senator, Gideon Moi have condemned the incident after visiting the Governor in The Nairobi Hospital.


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  1. deputy ruto we now sent you to hell offialy...that fool wil never be the president of kenya

  2. Nonsense

  3. If Raila has visited you, This is Just a schème by opposition on power Game. Isac Ruto Will not easily survive Jubilee wave

  4. The mass murderer was saved from Bensouda by Uhuru Kenyatta this time he will not escape the dragnet. Kikuyu will fix him soon.He will never be President in kenya.

  5. You interfere with police work (to protect you and others in your whatever bullshit gathering you had), you get your ass whipped and now you cry wolf. Cops are trained and encouraged to kick ass to maintain peace. It,s part of their job description. This is why licensed lethal weapons are their tools of trade. You gotta be a fool to wrestle with these kind of people, thought you knew better Mr. Superman Governor.

  6. You fool you can't say that. Mbona ulienda hiyo kiwanja? You wanted to cause chaos but you were taught a lesson. Was DP there???

  7. Raila's sympathy is after votes..

  8. to hell that idiot called dp

  9. That alone has made the goon to loose over 1000 votes,huyo jamaa hatakua rais wacha afanye uflawa girl and by the way who told you that the kikuyus will vote you in 2022

  10. please please raila every now and then why? what has he to do with what happened at bomet county?you wanted a digital government ndiyo hiyooo...

  11. Upuzi. You want to rescue a prisoner(s) in police custody. Only fools will attempt that. It is criminal and the governor should be charged. The law allows the police to us a firearm against such people. Was he sent the DP?

  12. be careful of what you are commenting otherwise post sense not nonsense or do it at you own risk....

  13. Hahahaaa it's like there was prison break in bomet......oooh you also wanted to pardon the prisoners as the president of bomet county! Nice try, but next time just do it in a more orderly manner... Sawa mr. Tinga?

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