RAILA’s noise will not stop me from ‘eating nyama’ or do what I do best - UHURU to Baba

... 2.3 million Kenyans connected to electricity, today, more than 5.3 million Kenyans have electricity.”

“We have issued a record three million title deeds in the short period we have been in office compared to only one million that had been issued since independence,” said Uhuru.

“We are building a modern railway line.”

“We are constructing roads all over the country.”

“Providing free maternity services in public hospitals and paying exam fees for all students among many other initiatives to lift the lives of Kenyans,” he added.


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  1. Truly, even the "blind" opposition can see. This affects the common mwananchi so directly and in great magnitude.
    God bless you Mr. President and may HE grant you all the strength and courage you require to move on against unwarranted noice and intended incitement by nay Sayers and the lord of poverty in this nation since 1981. Raia tunajua mwiba unaotatiza mguu wa nchi isiendelee kwa miongo kadhaa sasa hadi eti mtu awe raisi dikteta. This is a man who has pretended to fight many battles for Kenya but now we know better- ni tamaa iliyokidhiri ya ukuu;ni maslahi yake binafsi akiogelea kwenye mito ya damu ya raia kwa miaka mingi sasa. Na marafiki wake wa dhati ni wamwagaji damu wengine(MABWANYENYE) waliojichumia mabilioni kwa kutumia vijana wa wenyewe kuchinja na kuchinjwa.

  2. Mr. President sir, remember there must be Sanballats and Tobiah's against every effective work in progress.their aim is to discourage and defame the initiator.
    Why I like you as my president is because you have strong shock absorbers against such, and are not carried away by the opposition's opinions.
    Go ahead and develop this country, we have had those leaders opposing you in government before and there is no track record of anything they ever did for this country.
    God bless you, God bless Kenya.

  3. I am a strong supporter of the voter apathy in central Kenya where I come from.With massive job losses,collapsed businesses,giga corruption,insecurity,VAT on everything including animal feeds,books,i tax ,water tunnels,a regime that doesn't listen to the masses,wrong priorities for projects,all these have directly affected the central kenya residents.I agree that there are several positive projects.Raila is not wrong all the time.I am a strong supporter of Jubilee but the 'kula nyama' analogy made me sick.I never saw it coming from Uhuru maybe Kabogo. Kings are brought down by arrogance including king Saul,king David who were appointed by God to lead His people.It is the central kenya voters who are 'meza mate' as the elite enjoy themselves.In my opinion we should shun voting and get busy with our businesses and allow the elite to vote on August 8th without congestion and long queues anyway.

  4. Shoga mwizi

  5. I wont vote for anyone to be a president. Kazi ni kuiba, kula nyama, kutombana mikundu na kunywa pombe. Nugu, itina ria ngui. Wacha atafute votes kwa wenye anakula nyama nao.

  6. Congratulation Mr. President for the good work done..

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