RAILA’s family is full of vigeugeu! BERYL exposes OBAMA as a wife abuser and a womanizer

... being a womanizer and doing nothing for Africa, especially Kenya, for the 8 years he has been in power.

“Obama never did anything for Africans.”

“The most memorable thing Obama ever did when he came to Africa was to flirt with some white woman during Mandela’s funeral.”

“As President, Obama sat back and watched his aunt, Zeituni Obama, harassed by the Immigration Department and he did nothing yet Zeituni was terminally ill,” Beryl scoffed.

She also portrayed Obama’s father as a wife batterer and irresponsible man when he was alive.

“Obama’s father was my neighbor in Woodley, Nairobi.”

“He was a wife batterer, a reckless man and never provided for his family.”

“There are days his family would go without food for days on end, and our family would at times have to step in and give them food…I used to separate Obama Senior and his American wife, Ruth, whenever they were fighting.”

“Which was all the time,” she claimed.


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  1. This is one very foolish and stupid Luo woman.Children will never be held responsible for their father's sins and misdeeds.,Obama owes Africa nothing at all because he was never elected as the president of Africa.

  2. Barrack Obama served his country ( USA ) with due deligence and uprightness - American people are happy with his leadership. He was not elected president of Kenya. By the way, what good did your brother, Raila, do to kenyans when he was the PM. ALIMSUMBUA MZEE KIBAKI ZAIDI. Bure kabisa.

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