RAILA says UHURU is mad and he overreacted in withdrawing KDF from South Sudan.

... sacked Ondieki over how he handled the attack of UN aid workers in Juba where several were killed by militants.

However, in protest of the sacking, Uhuru ordered for the withdrawal of KDF forces from S.Sudan.

But addressing a press conference on Friday, Raila said that Uhuru made the decision out of resentment and without due consultation on its implications.

“The withdrawal of KDF troops in South Sudan points to a deeper problem in our country.”

“We cannot run the country based on anger and madness," said Raila.

Raila said that though it will look like Kenya is acting tough, the consequences Kenyans will face will be great.

"Our troops are observed with dignity in peacekeeping missions.”

“Uhuru has extended his local anger to global anger which poses danger to Kenyans," he said.


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  1. What exactly does Raila belief in? what are his principles or integrity? He has been berating Uhuru to withdraw KDF from Somali. Whats the difference now when prezzo withdraws those in sudan? Be consistent RAAO and do not play to the gallery to please the UN.

  2. Enter your comment...who is mad, isn't uhuru or you

  3. This is one of those wasted sperms....After loosing with Hillary now you turn your anger to Uhuru? shame on you old man

  4. This Rao man is psychophobic and should just shut up - he simply has no direction. He will oppose his own suggestions to be seen to be relevant. My friend style up - kenyans are intelligent.

  5. You wonna be elected President 2017, Champion legalization of Marijuana,Raila.

  6. what is wrong with rao replacing kdf with men in black?

  7. Huwezi kosa la kusema Rao. What do you say about KDF in Somalia??

  8. Raila should know that Uhuru Kenyatta is The Commander In Chief of The Armed Forces Of Kenya. Let him not RATTLE our Armed Forces because is like telling them that they should have disobeyed their Commander and waited for the parliamentary bureaucracy in order to move out of Sudan

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