RAILA ODINGA wants the constitution changed to create the Prime Minister’s position

.... Opposition will have nine key positions to share among their top voting blocs in the event they form the next administration.

Apart from the President and his Deputy, the team will have the positions of Prime Minister and his two deputies, the speakers of Parliament and the Senate and Majority Leaders of both Houses.

“We want to create a team that will defeat Jubilee with a wide margin.”

“We believe with the positions we are proposing, NASA will be able to accommodate many people,” Mudavadi said.

He also said the current Constitution has created a narrow Executive, which is prone to abuse and lack of accountability.

“We want to form an all inclusive Government,” said Mudavadi.


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  1. I thought NASA is american Space Agency? Is the new super alliance by coincidence is also looking for life in Mars for more votes? Just asking.

  2. Also include an amendment to make RAO the president in the constitution.

  3. Also include an amendment to make RAO the president in the constitution.

  4. Jubilee wetting pants,for it is end of kula nyama corruption

  5. Include in the constitution to make RAO a life president

  6. Akili ya Rao ni cheo 2 hana ki2 ingine muhimu ya kufanyia hii nchi...Wachana na hao vijana Uhuruto wakuonyeshe nchi inavyo ongozwa babu kitendawili bure kabisa

  7. Vitendawili wants2 hand over the presidency to one of his core principals alafu yeye akue PM. We r not fools agwambo u will stil not win.More tears come 2017

  8. Anon 8.05...he he he he...you have just made my day

  9. Haaha madvd knew that his poolitical career was ending. He also knew that neither Jubilee nor Cord was seriously thinking aabout him. So he drafted Nasa so that at least his career does not end. He was afraid of upcoming young luhya politicians, the likes of Ababu, taking his place as the tribes kingpin. He is speaheading Nasa like nobody's business. Hata kuongea ameanza kuongea kama wanaume wale wengine hahahaha. But deep down his ass..he knows in the eventuality that formation Nasa does not materialize, his career is so over. Anywho, lets wait and see. But I don't see him taking Cord to the next level he claims NASA will

  10. so that u can steal all of public money hiyo tu diyo lengo lenu

  11. Creating positions for personal gains.We the tax payers cannot allow this burden.

  12. all this on tax pay money? this is a jok

  13. Trying to create shortcuts to power???We kenyan citizens wont allow our Taxes to be used to create positions for all thsee tired big bellied good for nothing politicians or are they pigiticians.

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