RAILA is creating imaginary scandals like NYS/ health to bring Jubilee down - SHEBESH

Wednesday November 2, 2016 - Nairobi Women Representative, Rachel Shebesh, has insulted Kenyans’ intelligence by claiming that the ongoing massive looting of public funds and runaway corruption in the Jubilee Government was all a creation of the Opposition to bring down President Uhuru Kenyatta’s administration.

Speaking yesterday, Shebesh accused former Prime Minister Raila Odinga of trivializing laws meant to benefit women.

She said Raila Odinga was creating imaginary scandals like the NYS and Health scandals just to spite Uhuru and gain political mileage ahead of 2017 because there are no such scandals in the Jubilee Government.

At the same time, Shebesh defended President Uhuru Kenyatta’s sister, Nyokabi Muthama, and his cousin, Kathleen Kihanya, who were implicated in the looting of the sh5 billion in the Ministry of Health, saying Uhuru’s relatives have a right, just as other Kenyans, to do business with Government.

“The President’s relatives have a right to do business with the Government and Raila Odinga should not bring his stupidity,” said Shebesh.


  1. Apewe kofi, wapi kidero AMA sonko?

  2. Let's check Kisumu county and see what is going out there flabbergasted salamanders.

  3. Big mouth Shebesh!! You are just talking!! You will never see the inside of Parliament again after 2017 General Elections.

  4. And this are the people we call leaders I urge Kenyans to stand up beyond tribal associations and vote out people like shebesh.s trying to seek favours from Jubilee nani ana macho Corruption in Kenya is real

  5. Raila is the worst alternative to fighting corruption, Cord counties are run by thieves, Rao as PM: Maize scandal, Triton Oil scandal, His Companies are 100% Luo Employees

  6. they ate nyama.... and we smelt it. its time to own up jubilee. writing on the wall.

  7. Rao is not leading this country now. all indicators are that we headed wrong direction. your current choice has not done any good.
    if you no one else please ..please for the shake of ....

  8. Huyu jamaaa will never rule Kenya. Leave kamwana alone.. you r a known lier who talk to pple before they meet their deaths... bure kabixa

  9. Failed government with your tumwanas we have better options ukabila ndio inakula kenya

  10. odm is full of looters and no action from raila, kidero with tunoi - 200 m, kidero with nairobi county 42 B, kidero with mumias 12 b, wetangula with BAT 12 B, karua with BAT, 7 B. KALONZO WITH YATTA, NYS LAN 600 HCTRS, MUTHAMA WITH MALILI RANCH, 2000 ACRES, AND MANY OTHERS. what action has raila taken ? not long ago, mudavadi, when he was finance ministe, signed and approved patin goldenburg payments worth, 5.8 B AND 3.9 BILLION, what action did raila take ? he only jump on jubilee all times, RAILA, REMOVE THE LOG FROM YOUR EYES BEFORE REMOVING THE SPEC FROM JUBILEE'S EYES.

  11. Useless bitch,katombwe na sonko au sokwe

  12. The bible says that out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.when your heart is full of negatives thats what you'l always see and talk about.Its also like when you are sick you only get well if you see yourself walking again and try to get out of bed.so appreciate the little good that has been done and advice accordingly and it shall be well with you.The opposition should think about this and they will not complain about stolen elections in future.

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