Only fools and retards will defend ESTHER PASSARIS? See what she told RAILA in 2007

... during the 2007 General Elections, Passaris who was supporting CORD leader, Raila Odinga, told ODM’s top brass that if Raila Odinga was declared the President of Kenya, she would go to Seychelles and have a ‘sex holidays’ for 30 days like those ladies we see in blue movies.

Passaris who was embarrassed by Miguna’s allegations remained mum on the issue and this showed that what Miguna said was the truth and Passaris is not a person of integrity as she claims.

When contacted, Raila Odinga also remained mum on this issue.


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  1. Those are our intended rile models of our children when they become"political leaders". Is time the professionals said enough of this political nonsense, Ant other johny come lately is a leader and a contender. Leys have seriousness in our doings not bullshit.

  2. Miguna is childish,he embarased the Kenyan male species on live Tv

  3. Miguna has anger issues to deal with. He did not understand Passaris' joke after-all

  4. Utter nonsense - Passaris is over 18 years and she can do whatever she wants with her sex life, may be miguna is bitter coz passaris refused his sexual advances.

  5. Las tyme i saw her she was wearin a siphon see -me -through,yes she has them thighs but uso!-amezeeka,DOES ANY ONE WANT HER ANY MORE? Mr Miguna is a man i admire since he peeled back the mask of raila!

  6. These days every Tom and Dick want to be a Trump. But they should be reminded that Trump had a base among the voters where he campaigned thoroughly. TV shows will not make Miguna a Trump. Let him go where voters are: Kamkunji, Kibera, Kangemi, Mathare, Eastleagh, Embakassi, Kasarani, Dandora, Huruma etc

  7. Miguna is bad news.He can make one loose his appetite.
    Verbal diarrhea.

  8. Mike sonko is the real deal for gavanor one he doesn't take salary he has sonko ambulance sonko clean water sonko funeral hearse sonkolimosuines for wedding he has sonko rescue and disaster team he has sonko carwash to support youth all this for free MTU amejotolea he pays bills for least fortunate his a government by himself kidero nothing to show only kidero grass OK another person is peter Kenneth his work can be shown when he transformed gatanga to the best constituency u 2 leaders kuddos mumeshinda hata prezzo na deputy wake

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