‘MUTAHI NGUNYI’ tells KIKUYUs the ugly truth about UHURU after KURIA warned them.

Monday, November 28, 2016 - Controversial Gatundu South MP, Moses Kuria, on Thursday warned Kikuyus that they need President Uhuru Kenyatta more than he needs them.

This is after it emerged that majority of people from Mt. Kenya may boycott the next elections to protest grand corruption involving the Kenyattas.

"Stop this talk about voter apathy and how you will not wake up (to vote). If you want a heavy blanket to sleep come for one,” Kuria stated.

The renowned hate monger added that a loss to Kenyatta would only hurt the Kikuyu community without any impact on the President or his relatives.

“You need Uhuru Kenyatta as your president more than he needs you. Don't think his children will lack school fees or lack house rent if he loses in 2017. If this Government goes to the opposition you will face the music. It's my children who will suffer not Uhuru's if we are outside government,” he added.

However, political scientist, Mutahi Ngunyi, has…

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  1. The whole country fought for Uhuru but he forgot about them and started eating meat.He has the instruments of power to streamline the system to accommodate everyone but he's reluctant.

  2. i wonder especially mumbi ,she steal kenyan money now want became kirinyaga governor she will steal like NYS

  3. Moses shoga. Ngui. Kazi yetu ni kuvote for these thieves. Nugu

  4. Now that we have been in government for the last 4 years, What have we gained? It is the kenyatta family that has gained. We have suffered just like the rest of the kenyans are suffering. You give a few hand-outs of roads from here to there just to hoodwink us. Seriously even if I love my tribe I want to secure the future of my children. And that cannot be realized by fleecing the public coffers. When we lose bilions to few individuals in your government, have you ever sat down to calculate how young graduates you deny job opportunities? How many young girls yo send to streets as prostitutes? How many farmers get poor harvests because of lack of farm inputs? How many children stop going to school due to lack of fees? How many businesses close due to lack of infrastructure? How many families are going without water because you pocket the money for sinking bore-holes? How many people die of crime-related events because hopelessness? I can go on and on. Voting for the Kenyatta has for the last 4 years made my life and that of my family more miserable. I would be a big fool to vote for him again. Even if he wins, let him win without my vote.

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